Sticky Wilds: Everything You Need To Know


Sticky Wilds: The Guide

Today in our popular series on casino wild symbols we will take a look at the mechanics of yet another of the most exciting types of wilds, the sticky wilds. So far, we have covered several types of wilds including stacked wilds, expanding wilds, and multiplier wilds, leaving us to dive deep into one of their distant cousins, the sticky wilds. Coming with intriguing mechanics and a unique way of creating a win, the sticky wilds are arguably one of the most popular simply because of their potential rewarding prowess, which is right up there with the other wild symbols.

Sticky wilds can be found in plenty of online slots, as they are simple, yet at the same time, can turn a regular slot into a pretty rewarding experience. Though they do not come in bulk as the sticky wilds (read our stacked wilds review), they do have very unique attributes that make them a frequent pick for many slot enthusiasts.

In our latest edition of the Wild Series we will break down everything there is about sticky wilds, including how they work, how you can distinguish them from other wild symbols, as well as which slots have these incredibly entertaining wild symbols.

What Are Sticky Wilds

Just as the name suggests, sticky wilds are special symbols that “stick” on the reels for the duration of the spins. Unlike stacked wilds which tend to land in bulk, sticky wilds land individually, though this doesn’t mean that an online slot cannot have several sticky wilds land on the screen.

In fact, we can say that these wilds are mostly similar to grouped wilds, as they can also land in groups on the reels, but in much greater numbers when compared to their sticky counterparts. 

Consequently, the type of sticky wilds you are going to encounter will depend from one slot to another, which is why it is always a good idea to check the payable and learn the mechanics of those particular wild symbols.

Sticky Wilds in Viking Madness

How Do They Work

If you are up-to-date with our wild series then you probably know that it is not possible to accurately predict the outcome of online slot sessions. Regardless of your previous experience, the symbols in the game, or even your hot streak, every game comes with its own RNG (Random Number Generator) that ensures that every session is transparent and has a fair outcome.

Despite this, you can still take matters into your own hands, as being good at online slots requires both the best slot strategy and luck, which consequently are the only two ways you can emerge victorious and have successful slot sessions.

Now, back to the sticky wilds.

We already touched upon the basics of these wilds and came to the conclusion that sticky wilds are symbols that “stick”, or “glue” themselves to the reels. Moreover, sticky wilds work just like regular wild symbols as they have the same purpose, and this is to substitute all other symbols of the game.

The difference between regular wilds and sticky wilds is that unlike regular wilds which can appear on every subsequent spin and disappear, sticky wilds remain on the reels even after the reels are spun. This can happen until they form a winning combination, which is a great advantage over the regular wild symbols.

Depending on the online slot, these wilds can either land on specific reels or they can land without any particular order. If you wish to learn the firing order of the sticky reels, just open the paytable/info on the online slot and you can see for yourself.  Keep in mind that online slots that allow several sticky wilds are most of the time high-volatility online slots.

Furthermore,  sticky wilds can appear both during the base game and during the bonus round.

When they appear during the base game, they usually only stay for the duration of the cascading reels feature, being that exploding winning lines make way for other sticky wilds to appear on the reels

When they appear during the bonus round, they usually remain for the duration of the free spins feature, or more specifically, until you spend your free spins. An interesting thing about these wilds in the bonus round is that they can theoretically go on forever. However, this is only the case if you play a slot with respins and additional spins, being that in theory, those rounds can go on practically forever.

Sticky wilds work just as you would expect: they can substitute all regular symbols of the game, with the exception of certain special symbols such as the free spins, and of course, the scatters. This applies to all wild symbols, being that these are the only limitations to this mega-rewarding slot symbol.

One of the most popular online slots with sticky wilds is the trademark blockbuster game Narcos by NetEnt, which is based on the mega-popular TV series produced by Netflix, and one of the most-watched TV shows on the planet.

Consequently, in the basics of the mechanic, these wilds work just like regular wilds, except that they have an additional feature that makes them more rewarding than their regular counterpart, which is of course, the “stickiness”. 

Sticky Wild in Narcos

Final Thoughts

Wilds are one of the two most sought-after symbols (along with the scatters) for a good reason. They serve to elevate your slot sessions to a new level and drastically increase your chances of winning. Regardless of which wild types you encounter, seeing a wild in an online slot is always an indicator that you are about to have a very rewarding experience. 

And if you are not sure which type of wild is for you, simply read our in-depth series on wild symbols, and find your preferred niche that suits your playing style the most. However, as long as the slot you are about to play has wilds, you shouldn’t worry about not having fun. So, play responsibly, have fun, use the right strategy, and you have nothing to worry about.

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