Terms and Conditions

This document is the official Terms and Conditions of Gamblers Connect, hence it is essential to read and get to know before engaging with Gamblers Connect and/or its services. Please note that you are obliged by the terms, and just by visiting you agree to use Gamblers Connect services even without reading the Terms and Conditions.

Gamblers Connect reserves the right to alter, erase, add or update any part of the Terms & Conditions, without any previous notice.

1. Use of copyright material ©

All content created and released by Gamblers Connect is owned and in the property of Gamblers Connect. Copyright © 2021 All rights reserved.

All content created by Gamblers Connect is for personal use only, and may not be used in any way to profit or for any unlawful procedures/actions. Gamblers Connect strictly condemns any unauthorized use of its unique content, for any personal or business ventures. Any such unauthorized use will result in a violation of certain copyright and trademark laws.

2. Service & Content

Gamblers Connect offers services that include, but are not limited to casino reviews, slots reviews, betting sites reviews, news, polls, bonuses and etc. All content is property of Gamblers Connect unless stated otherwise by Gamblers Connect, and by entering the website, you agree to not remove, alter, copy or use any content mentioned above.

Linked Content

Please note that when using Gamblers Connect services, you may find/click a link to a website that is not in the property of Gamblers Connect in any way (partners, affiliates etc.), and by entering the site all terms & conditions from Gamblers Connect no longer apply. From that moment on you are subject to different terms and regulations, and Gamblers Connect cannot be held accountable for any content which you encounter or its legality.

Gamblers Connect is not a gambling/casino website,  and the information/content provided is strictly for informational and entertaining purposes.

If you feel that any of the content created by Gamblers Connect is in violation of certain copyrights or other intellectual properties,  please email us so that we can investigate and perform appropriate actions, depending on the circumstances.

3. Warranties Disclaimer

By continuing to use this website it means that you expressly understand and comply with all of the subsequent in their entirety:

1. Any use of this website, services and content is at your sole risk. Everything is based on an ‘AS IS’ and available basis. GamblersConnect.com expressly disclaims all warranties of any type. This includes any expressed and implied warranties like implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a selected purpose and non-infringement.

2. GamblersConnect.com doesn’t make any warranties or guarantees that a) the website, services or content will be what you are searching for, b) the website, services or content are uninterrupted, timely, secure or perhaps error-free, c) the results obtained from anything on the web site, any service or other content are accurate or reliable, d) the standard obtained through the web site for content, services, products, information or other services will meet your expectations in any way, and e) any errors within the software are corrected or attempted to be corrected.

3. Any of the data downloaded or otherwise obtained through the website or services is performed completely and solely at your own discretion and risk. Additionally, you agree to be solely accountable for any damage done to your computing system or loss of personal information which may result from any such activity.

4. Nothing obtained from the website, services or content shall create any kind of warranty or guarantee unless expressly stated within the TOS.

4. Liability Limitations

Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, we will be accountable to you, any person, any entity for any consequential damages, including but not limited to lost profits, personal injury, property damage or any other losses, that may result from the utilization of any Gamblers Connect site or materials.

Further, under no circumstances we or connected parties could be held responsible for any deemed failure in performance resulting from causes beyond our reasonable control or an act of catastrophe, including but not limited to equipment, power and/or technical failures, disputes, disturbances, acts of God, war or natural disasters, governmental actions or orders by foreign courts.

You further agree that neither we nor any entity associated with us is responsible or accountable for any incompatibility between our sites and any third-party site including but not exhaustive to our operator partners or for delays you experience with transactions regarding our sites. The constraints in this section and in these terms apply to the utmost extent permitted by applicable law.

5. Player’s Duties

1.  To be of legal gambling age, 18 years old or above.

2.  To not make use of the Website if your local jurisdictions make online gambling illegal.

3. To always treat the team behind the Website and your fellow site users with respect and dignity.

4. To make the content and services offered by the Website for personal use only.

5. To never promote links containing affiliate tracking or sales tags whereby you, someone you know or someone who has employed, you will benefit financially from the users of the Website accessing said link or content.

6.  To never impersonate a representative of the Website for any reason, or under any circumstances – not through inference, omission or false statement.

7. To abide by the agreements and terms of service found on the Website.

8.  To not claim ownership of, make alterations to, sell or in any form abuse the intellectual property of, logos found on, the written or audio-visual content of or the information offered on the Website.

9.  To not use the Website, its content or its services in any illegal manner.

10.  To not use the Website, its content or its services to earn yourself revenue.

11.  To never promote through links or email or chat services any files or executables which contain malicious code and viruses.

12.  To never promote through links or email or chat services any material which amounts to pornography (of any form), promotes hate speech, promotes violence against or the repression of any religion, race, gender or sexual orientation.

13.  To not harvest any private information relating to the Website and its users, either manually or through an automated system, with the intent to sell, share or otherwise distribute the information for free or for profit. Nor can it be collected for personal use.

6. Disclaimer

The Site and therefore the Owners make all reasonable efforts to make sure that the information, content, and links provided on the website are accurate.

As the User you agree that the website and/or the Owners would not be held responsible or accountable for any inaccuracies, contained within the data, content, and links provided on the Site, nor for any harm or loss of any kind caused by such inaccuracies.

As the User, you understand and agree that every information, content, and link provided on the Site is deemed available to you at your own risk.

The owners of the site won’t and cannot be and/or responsible for any harm or loss of any kind caused either directly or indirectly by the information, content, and links provided on the Site.

7. Security

You agree to promptly notify us, using the form located on the corporate pages, of any breach of security that you become aware of involving any Gamblers Connect site. We disclaim liability for any losses or damage arising from your failure to comply with this section. Gamblers Connect cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your noncompliance.

8. Indemnity Policy

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Gamblers Connect and all its staff and employees, as well as other related affiliates, partners, representatives, successors and assigns from and against any claim, demand or losses, submitted or transmitted to the website or services or any other violation of this TOS.

9. Law & Jurisdiction

By using Gamblers Connect services and website, you automatically agree that any action at law arising out of these terms shall be filed in the court of law.

We make no representation that information on any Gamblers Connect site is appropriate or available for use in any particular location. Those who choose to enter our sites do so taking accountability for compliance with applicable laws in their local jurisdiction.

10. Termination

Any violations, inconsistencies, suspicious activity, fraud and etc. that are in direct conflict with the TOS of Gamblers Connect, will result in termination of all services promptly and without notice. Additionally, Gamblers Connect keeps the right to further cease to provide you with any services, at any time.

11. Gamblers Connect Partners

Any venture with advertisers and vendors found on or through our website, including any payment and delivery of related goods and/or services are solely between you and the advertiser or vendor. You also agree that Gamblers Connect will not be responsible or liable and All of your ventures with vendors and advertisings shall be at your sole risk

12. Links

Due to the nature of our website, Gamblers Connect works with links from other websites and partners. Gamblers Connect will not be held responsible for anything on the linked sites, including without limitation any content, links to other sites, any changes to those sites, or any policies those sites may have.

13. Language Terms

For any variations of the English language version of these Terms and a version in any other language, then the English language version shall be deemed to apply.