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Upcoming Games

The Upcoming Games section is probably one of the most exciting pages that we have here at Gamblers Connect. This is because upcoming games are the place where you can find all the games that are yet to have a premiere at a certain date and time. Here at Gamblers Connect, we simply love upcoming game releases due to the unmatched excitement of getting to experience a brand-new game. And let’s face it, there isn’t a single person out there that doesn’t love new game releases. Regardless if it is a new online casino, a new online slot, or a rewarding bonus promotion, new usually means improvement, and that is what we tend to look for when it comes to creating this list.

We use this section to inform you about announced slots, upcoming slots, and even slots that are yet to come out and only have a demo version. Consequently, it is all about giving you the best possible insight as to what you might expect in the future. There are even providers who release their new games exclusively for casinos! Our job is to put you ahead of the curve and inform you of what’s coming. Our experienced and professional team will make sure to keep you posted on any new and upcoming games. The rest is all on you: lock-in, in and make your pick.

Our upcoming games section is probably the best way to get the best insight into any upcoming releases. One major benefit is the fact that you will be among the first in the industry to know all the details about an upcoming game. Not only does this gives you an unmatched advantage over other players, but it also puts you in a position to learn everything there is about a certain game beforehand. In addition, certain games come with a demo mode, or a pre-release version, which is pretty cool since you get to feel like a real software tester. That is in addition to having the exclusivity of being one of the first people out there to ever try the game.

In order to achieve this, our Gamblers Connect team conducts meticulous and painstaking research on a daily basis. We are constantly scanning the internet in search of hints about new and upcoming releases. Even better, due to our partnership with a plethora of the leading iGaming developers, we are constantly in communication with the studios and always know whenever one of the leading studios is brewing a new game. Our Gamblers Connect criteria and proven methods, as well as the ability to know what our players want, are a guarantee that you will be among the first to know whenever something new is cooking.