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Release Date: 29.06.2021

Upcoming Games · Overview

The Upcoming Games section is the place where you can find all the games that are yet to have a premiere at a certain date and time. Here at Gamblers Connect, we take pure joy when it comes to upcoming game releases. One reason for this is that it is always exciting when something new comes out. Regardless if it is a casino, or a slot, or a bonus promotion. New usually means improved, and that is what we tend to look when it comes to creating this list. We will post announced slots, and even slots that are yet to come out, but have a demo version as well. That is cool since you get a direct insight as to what you might expect. There are even providers who release the game for casino exclusively! And our job is to save you the time and bring you just that. Our experienced and professional team will make sure to keep you posted for any new and upcoming games. The rest is all on you: lock in, and make your pick.

This is probably the best way to get the best insight in any upcoming game. One major benefit is the fact that you will be among the first to know all the details. In addition, certain games come with a demo mode, which is pretty cool since you get to feel like a real software tester. Our team does a heavy research on daily basis. Our Gamblers Connect criteria and proven methods, are a guarantee that you will be among the first to know whenever something new is cooking. So this section has all the slot games that are yet to come out.

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