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Who We Are · Our Team

Our passionate team which consists of both professionals and enthusiasts is joined together by our mutual love of gambling. Our goal here at Gamblers Connect is simple. Act as the medium for you in order to get the best online casino experience without having to go through the painstaking research process yourself. The iGaming industry wouldn’t exist without you, the player and that is why we are in relentless pursuit of nothing but the best iGaming content on the internet. And this is possible only by giving you our utmost objective opinions and unbiased evaluations.

Thanks to our team of iGaming experts that have over a decade of experience in the field of gambling, that is a guarantee. No matter how complicated the endeavour or the complexity of the task ahead, we are always putting everything on the table, whether it is good or bad. We conduct our elaborate process with the same high attention to detail regardless if we are evaluating a veteran online casino or an upcoming online slot. It is all about the player and guaranteeing you transparency on the way to the ultimate gambling experience is our ultimate driving force.

Our Process

Our process of selecting and reviewing the casinos consists of several meticulous steps. First, we conduct extensive research in order to find the most suitable online casinos. After that, our team of professionals apply their expertise, knowledge and strict criteria before testing every single option and feature of the potential candidate. Regardless of the magnitude or the reputation of the casino, it is crucial for the operator to pass the strict Gamblers Connect criteria for any chance to end up on our list.

Our evaluation is based on several key features that we consider non-negotiable that every casino and slot must possess in today’s world of modern gambling. Player safety, transparency and fair play, for example, are non-negotiable. Meaning, if we feel that a certain casino or slot is not up to the highest standards of the iGaming industry, or a bonus promotion that has tricky wager requirements, it won’t earn a spot on our website. Getting you the correct information and the truth behind how gambling works, is our sole mission. Everything we do here at Gamblers Connect, we do for you, our beloved players.