Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy document is the manner in which Gamblers Connect conducts, collect, use, handle and maintain information gathered from users, in order to bring you the best gambling experience.

Gamblers Connect values your privacy and security above all, so we feel it is our duty to provide you with the utmost protection and service.

Bellow you can find all the necessary information as to how we handle, process, store and keep your personal information.

1.  How to we handle your data

Personal Information:

Gamblers Connect website is accessible and can be used without prior registration and without the provision of any personal data. You may opt in to receive information from us around promotional offers, including bonuses, by subscribing to our e-mailing newsletter.  Please note that, should you correspond with us we may keep evidence of that correspondence.

Signing up for our Gamblers Connect newsletter in order to receive exclusive bonuses, gambling news and other various marketing feed will mean we will record your registered name and email address. In case you no longer wish to receive the  email newsletters all you need to do is unsubscribe.

What we collect

  • IP address;
  • Location from where you access our website;
  • Date and time when accessed our website;
  • Hardware, software or internet browser info;
  • Data about your computer operating system (language settings; application version)
  • Data about your clicks and pages visited;
  • Data that recognizes your mobile device and features around device performance;

2. How we use your personal data

We gather and process data with the sole purpose of improving every single aspect of the users experience, as well as to better understand what our users demand.

It may occur that we report an aggregated information concerning our users actions and patterns to third parties, in a manner created to protect your identity.

Gamblers Connect sends periodic promotional emails and push notifications to all users who subscribed to Gamblers Connect newsletter, thus engaging in communication. Gamblers Connect does not share any personal data with any third parties for any marketing or regular purposes, unless given the personal consent of the user.

3. How we process data

All of the data processed by Gamblers Connect is through absolutely legal means, as obliged and instructed in the Article 6(1) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The data is open to being processed, depending on whether or not we have your permission do to so for a specific reason. In such case, you reserve the right to withdraw your consent by simply contacting us, or unsubscribing from any prior communications.

  • Gamblers Connect may process personal data when necessary to uphold the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party.
  • Gamblers Connect may process personal data where the company is subject to a legal obligation by which processing such data is required.
  • Gamblers Connect process personal data when necessary and if it complies with the legitimate interests pursued by our company. Only exception to this processing is where such interests are overridden by the interests and/or fundamental rights of an identified or identifiable person to whom this personal data relates.

4. Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data, which are stored to your computer via a website you have visited,  with the sole purpose to improve the user online experience. It is an ideal way to optimize a website specifically for the users needs, since it contain a plain text with all of your likes and dislikes, thus understanding your activity and creating an unique user profile.

Some of the things Cookies remember can be background settings, language preferences, updating your shopping cart, selected time-zone and what a lot more.

Also, Cookies enable push notifications, so every time you allow certain Cookies on your browser that will be the result. In order not to receive push-notifications, simply do not accept any Cookies.

By entering and using Gamblers Connect website, you are agreeing to our cookie policy and us using cookies. You can delete or disable any cookies at any given time. Here are few examples from certain browsers as to how the procedure goes.

Cookie Types

Session CookiesTemporary/limited availability cookies that expire once the browser is closed, or the current session ends.
Persistent CookiesCookies which remain on your computer’s hard drive until erased manually by you or your browser. Such cookies can also have an expiration date which will automatically delete them once passed.
The ePrivacy Directive dictates that these cookies cannot exist more than 12 months.
First-Party CookiesThese cookies are created and stored on your device by the website you’re visiting.
Third-Party Cookies/TrackersThese cookies are created on your device by an advertiser or an analytic system, or simply by third parties and not by the website.
Strictly Necessary CookiesEssential cookies that are required for you to browse and make use of the functions available.
Frequently first-party cookies, these should come with an explanation.
Preferences CookiesPreferences cookies, also known as functionality cookies, allow the website you’re visiting to remember your preferences. This includes the language, your username and password, time zone etc.
Statistics CookiesStatistic cookies, known as performance cookies, gather information on how you browse websites and which links you click on. No personal information from you is gathered from these cookies.
Marketing CookiesMarketing cookies are used in order to monitor your online activity and assist advertisers in offering you the best deals. These cookies are added by third parties.
Flow CookiesFlow cookies are used to interact between our internal servers within the company. Put on your computer or mobile device, these cookies are erased once your browsing session is finished.

Here you can find additional info as to which cookies Gamblers Connect use, and how do we utilize them.

  • Google Analytics – placed by Google. Third-party cookie that supply us with data on the operation of our site. Duration of this cookie is two years. To opt out please visit
  • Cloudflare – placed by Cloudflare. This cookie is necessary for Cloudflare’s security features. It does not store any personally identifiable information. Duration of this cookie is 12 months.
  • Aweber Systems, Inc., based in the USA, who is Privacy Shield certified and processes personal data on our behalf for mailing purposes;

5. Age Restriction 18+

Gamblers Connect condemn and do not encourage or support minors younger of 18 years of age, to use or engage into any betting activities whatsoever, regardless the country of origin.

Any/all information shared by a minor, will be removed and erased instantly by Gamblers Connect. Gamblers Connect also reserves the right to ask for identity proof if suspicious that a minor has engaged in using Gamblers Connect services.

6. Legal Responsibility Disclaimer

Gamblers Connect will not be held responsible for any occurrences outside Gamblers Connect control. In addition, the service offered is based on “AS-IS” and “AS-AVAILABLE” basis, with no liability whatsoever. Gambler Connect cannot guarantee the operating of this site in a fully error-free manner. This means that Gamblers Connect cannot be held responsible  for any indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, concerning the use and release of personal data.

7Privacy Policy Consent

By agreeing to use Gamblers Connect website and services, you are consenting to this Privacy Policy.  Gamblers Connect reserve to right to change, alter, modify or erase the Privacy Policy, so we advise checking out for updates from time to time in order to keep in touch on how we store and protect your personal data. If you still continue to use this website after certain changes are made to the Privacy Policy, you will be subdued to accepting those changes.

8. Contact Gamblers Connect

For any questions, suggestions, inquiries or simply you wish to contact Gamblers Connect, feel free to do so, or simply visit the Terms & Conditions and you may find your answer there as well. However, do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]