3D Slots

Bonus Features:  Bonus Game, Bonus wheel, Hold and Spin, Lock it Link, Multiplier, Random multiplier, Respins

Return to Player (RTP): 96.86 % 

Variance:  High 

Theme: N/A

Genre:  Mythical, legend

Bonus features: Wilds, Scatters, Bonus Rounds, Respins

Return to Player (RTP): 94.79%   

Variance: Med-High

Theme: N/A

Genre: N/A

3D Slot Games · Overview

3D Slots are simply awesome. If you are tired of the regular and classic slot games, than these slots are for you. This unique slots differ from the regular slots in quite a few things. For example, the graphics that the 3D slots use is amazing and realistic This is quite evident especially if you try a game after playing in a classic for example. You will see that the difference is quite obvious. In addition, most 3D slots usually follow a certain story-line which all the more just improves your experience. Opposite to the classic games where you get exactly what you see. And the fun with the story doesn’t end there! Furthermore, as you progress with the story, you will achieve various game objectives in order to advance. We don’t to tell you that you unlock various rewards the more progress you make. This is an excellent way to engage with the players and get their attention for than just hitting a couple of rounds. Another reason why 3D slots are always a popular choice.

Here at Gamblers Connect we love 3D slots! And as such, we tend to be on the constant look for the latest and best 3D slots in the business. We test each slot thoroughly, and only after it has a shot to end up on this list. We must admit, we especially love the testing part. Moreover it is crucial for our team to conduct every testing individually, in order to get a better insight of what the player really experiences. Only via such process we can properly form an opinion and then evaluate. In conclusion, we can rightfully say that 3D video slot games are definitely one of the most entertaining ways you can spend your money at any casino.