Stacked Wilds: Everything You Need To Know


Stacked Wilds: The Guide

In the continuation of our popular and highly-demanded series on wild symbols, we will dive deep into the exciting mechanics of one the most rewarding types of wilds, the stacked wilds. If you are familiar with our previous guides on wild symbols, specifically the expanding and the multiplier wilds, then you already know that there is a long list of different wilds. More importantly, each of these wild symbols comes with its unique attributes, mechanics, and rewarding prowess, something that can certainly be confusing if you are new to online slots.

With this in mind, our pick for today, the stacked wilds, is fairly easy to understand and recognize. Not only that, but stacked wilds are also one of the most rewarding out of all types of wilds, given their unique nature of dropping in bulk. This is why you will find these wilds frequently used by slot developers and as such, frequently responsible for releasing some of the biggest wins in online slot gaming.

So, if you wish to learn how stacked wilds work, how they differ from their counterparts, as well as which online slots come with this unique wild symbol, simply keep reading this informative casino guide.

What Are Stacked Wilds

Just like most wild symbols, all it takes is one look at the name and you get an idea of how stacked wilds work. Stacked wilds are wild symbols that land on top of each other, or as the name suggests, they “stack”. Now, depending on the online slot that you are playing, the game can “stack” from just a couple of wilds on the reels, to an entire row of wild symbols, occupying the entire reel.

However, in the best-case scenario, certain wilds can land across all reels on the grid, thus covering the entire screen. The difference between grouped wilds and stacked wilds is that the former can land on several positions on the screen in a limited manner, while the latter lands in a bunch, thus giving you better chances for big wins.

Stacked Wilds in Vikings by NetEnt

How Do They Work

Just as always, before we dwell deeper into the mechanics of these wilds we would like to disclose that you cannot accurately predict the outcome of a slot session regardless of your knowledge of online slots and their symbols. This is due to the RNG (Random Number Generator), a tool with the purpose of ensuring that your session will have a transparent outcome. Yet, by implementing the right slot strategy you can still drastically increase your chances of having a successful gaming session.

As we already established, stacked wilds are wild symbols that can cover either an entire reel, or several/specific reels, or even get stacked on every reel on the screen. Moreover, they usually drop in groups of either 2, 3, 4, or 5, with certain online slots even stacking up to 7 wild symbols on top of each other. It is good to know that online slots that allow these wilds to cover the entire screen are usually high-variance online slots.

Many online slots allow for this type of wilds exclusively during the free spins bonus round. The good thing about this is that in this case, the wilds are combined with the multipliers from the bonus game, thus significantly increasing the winning potential. This is why such wilds during the bonus game are frequently related to releasing some of the biggest, life-changing wins out there.

Stacked wilds are most similar to expanding wilds, being that they more or less work in the same way. What makes stacked wilds different, however, is that slots with these wilds drop a single wild on the reel before expanding to fill the highlighted spaces. Moreover, a stacked wild can either occupy to fill the reel from top to bottom or expand to fill out the entire screen. 

One of the most popular online slots where this is the case is the trademark game Vikings by NetEnt. This is why it is imperative to check the paytable of the online slot that you are about to play.

Consequently, stacked wilds are just like any other wild symbol, only with unique attributes that can release far greater wins when compared to most wild counterparts. The only thing you need to remember is that they can substitute all regular symbols of the game, except for scatters and special symbols such as free spins, which is pretty much the case with every type of wild symbol in existence.

Stacked Wilds in Jingle Balls by NoLimit City

Where Can You Find Slots With Stacked Wilds

Finding slots with this type of wilds is fairly easy and simple All you need to do is conduct a small research on the internet, or if you feel like you don’t want to waste time, read slot reviews on dedicated websites such as Gamblers Connect. Regardless, we present you a list of three exciting and very rewarding online slots that come with one of the industry’s most popular wild symbols.

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