Multiplier Wilds: Everything You Need To Know


Multiplier Wilds: The Guide

Wilds are undeniably one of the most exciting slot symbols in both land-based and online slot gambling. Simply put, it is the only symbol that has the ability to substitute a missing symbol in order to create a winning outcome. If you are up-to-date with our series on wild symbols then you already know that there are several types of Wilds that you can come across in online slots. Each of them comes with its unique attributes and mechanics, consequently adding a whole new level of excitement to the already exhilarating nature of online slots. With this in mind, our Wild pick for today is arguably the most rewarding of these symbols, the Multiplier Wilds.

All it takes is one look at the name and you start to get an idea as to what type of a wild is the multiplier wild. The whole idea of online gambling is to win big, and what better way than by multiplying your winnings? This is why multiplier wilds are sought-after by many online slot enthusiasts, as well as why they frequently end up as the most desirable type of wilds in the business.

In this casino guide, we will break down the mechanics of the Multiplier Wilds, including what inspired their creation, what are they and how they work, as well as present you with some fantastic online slots that come with this symbol.

What Are Multiplier Wilds

Well, as you can probably tell simply by looking at the name, Multiplier Wilds are symbols that come with an attached multiplier in order to produce even bigger payouts than the ones in the base game. This means that these wilds have a dual purpose, being that in addition to substituting a regular symbol to create a winning combination, they also multiply the total win and increase the max win of your hand.

Similar to Expanding Wilds, in some online slots these wilds can only drop on specific reels to trigger a win, and these reels are usually highlighted. However, there are also slots where the Multiplier Wilds drop on any of the reels, thus giving you even greater chances for a win. What makes the Multiplier Wilds the best type of wild symbols, however, is that in some instances they can work together to create an even bigger combination, something that we will cover in the next chapter of our guide.

Multiplier Wilds – Elvis Frog True Ways

How Do They Work

The first thing we want to share before we get into the mechanics of this wild symbol is that predicting the outcome of an online slot session is practically impossible. This is because all slots come with an RNG (Random Number Generator), a tool that is responsible for ensuring a fair and transparent outcome of the slot session. However, despite this, you can always utilize the best slot strategy to increase your chances of winning, which we highly recommend.

With that out of the way, let’s break down how these symbols work. Well, it is all in the name. Multiplier Wilds act like regular wilds (they substitute all of the regular symbols to create a winning combination), only with a major twist – they have the potential to multiply your wins. Depending on the game, the multiplier can range from between x2 up to even 100x your bet in some instances.

Now, in order to land such a potent multiplier, you will have to land a certain combination of wilds. For example, if you land a 3-of-a-kind that pays 10x your bet, and if it was created with a 3x multiplier wild, then you will win 30x your current bet. If that combination was made with a 9x wild, then you would win 90x your bet

What makes this symbol so exciting is when they can interact with each other. This is because there are online slots where several Multiplier Wilds can drop at the same time, thus combining their multipliers and creating an even bigger winning combination. For example, if two Multiplier Wilds with a multiplier 10x drop at the same time, they can combine and create a win that is a whopping 100x the normal amount.

This means that the more such wilds combine the multiplier, the bigger the win, which is the case in the game Elvis Frog True Ways by BGaming, where if several Multiplier Wilds combine they form an even bigger winning combination than usual.

It is important to know that not all online slots with Multiplier Wilds allow the wilds to multiply with each other. More specifically, certain online slots will only count the highest value of the wild, while others will add the value of the wilds one against the other. 

Regardless of the slot, recognizing this symbol is easy since it usually displays the multiplier amount right on the wild icon itself. If you are playing an online slot that doesn’t display the multiplier value, then it is best to open the payable of the game and see the exact amount and the type of the Multiplier Wilds for yourself.

Lastly, it is important to remember that just like all wild symbols, these wilds will only substitute the regular symbols of the game. The only exceptions to the rule are Scatter symbols and special bonus symbols such as free spins. Also, it is good to mention that Multiplier Wilds can only form winning combinations with each other, and not with the other symbols of the game.

Multiplier Wilds – Guns, Love & Therapy

How To Find Slots With Multiplier Wilds

As we already said in our previous guide, the easiest way to find an online slot with this type of wild is by reading game reviews on websites such as Gamblers Connect. This is because when we conduct a full review of a particular game, we cover all of the features of the game, and this includes whether the game has wild symbols or not. Yet, being that we wish to save you both time and trouble, we put together a list of online slots that have this popular wild symbol.

Good luck, have fun, and gamble responsibly. 

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