Expanding Wilds: Everything You Need To Know


Expanding Wilds: The Guide

It is truly hard to imagine online slot gambling without one of its most popular symbols, the wild. Equivalent to the joker in the standard deck of cards, the wild enjoys a reputation as a win-bringer symbol that can substitute all basic symbols in the game to produce a winning combination. Yet, the best part about the wilds, aside from the fact that they can help you win, is that they come in various shapes and sizes, one of the perks of the advancements in modern gambling, which is exactly the case with the Expanding Wilds.

Software developers constantly come up with ingenious ways to take online slot gaming to the next level. This is where the mechanics of the game come into play, and with that, our topic of the day. One of the most popular slot mechanics by far is exactly the Expanding Wilds, which operate on the exciting Expanding Play Areas, thus drastically increasing your chances of creating a winning combination.

This is why we decided to go with this particularly interesting topic in our latest casino guide, which is in continuation of our exciting Wild Symbols series that covers everything you need to know about the industry’s most beloved symbol.

What Are Expanding Wilds

Just as the name suggests, Expanding Wilds are symbols that can expand in all directions on the reels to form a winning combination. In many instances, the Expanding Wilds can even expand to occupy, i.e. cover all of the reels in the online slot, such as the slot Moooving Wilds by TrueLab where the Wilds can conquer the entire screen. They are opposite to sticky wilds, also known as locked wilds, symbols that occupy a single position on the reels, I.e. stick in one place.

In some circumstances, Expanding Wilds are required to land on specific reels which are usually highlighted, to form a winning combination. Though similar to Grouped Wilds, which tend to land in groups and occupy multiple reels but are fixed in one place, Expanding Wilds are different because they shift and grow once they appear on the reels. This adds another layer of excitement to the game, and can even substantially increase your chances to form a winning combination.

Expanding Wilds in Moooving Wilds by TrueLab Games

How Do They Work

Before we dwell into the intricate mechanics of the Expanding Wild symbols, you should be aware that online slots work with a Random Number Generator (RGN), which ensures a random and fair outcome of your session. Despite this, there are still several life-saving slot strategies and tips you can use to your advantage to increase your chances of hitting a win and having a positive experience.

One of the best things about Expanding Wilds is that they have the potential to generate multiple wins over multiple paylines. This is because they usually expand across the reels from top to bottom, consequently turning every basic symbol on the reels into a Wild. Moreover, these Expanding Wild symbols will appear randomly on the reels, with certain slot games only allowing the Expanding Wilds to appear on specific reels.

When a wild symbol expands, all of the consequent winning combinations will be added to your balance and considered wins. This means that thanks to these multiple winning combinations that are a result of the Expanding symbols, you stand a chance to win some truly hefty winnings.  Consequently, Expanding Wilds are so popular and sought-after because they can help you land multiple winning combinations, something that is exclusively the case with this type of wild symbol.

The only thing you need to remember is that the Expanding Wilds can substitute all regular symbols of the game, except for the Scatter symbols and some designated bonus symbols/icons such as free spins. Lastly, you should be aware that in some games the Expanding Wilds have their pre-determined value, while in other games they don’t come with their value. Either way, Expanding symbols are excellent if you are after exciting gameplay full of potentially big rewards.

Expanding Wilds Slots

How To Find Slots With Expanding Symbols

The most effective and straightforward way to find online slots with Expanding symbols is by reading slot reviews on websites such as Gamblers Connect. Thankfully, we live in an era of technological advancements where you can easily obtain every information you desire in a matter of seconds. However, to save you the trouble of painstakingly reading reviews and searching on the internet, we compiled a list of exciting online slots that come with Expanding Wilds

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