• Multiplayer
  • Beautiful & Colorful Theme
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Rewarding Multiplier
  • 25 Player Limit
Spirit Twister Bingo – Promo

Spirit Twister Bingo

Spirit Twister Bingo is one slot game you will definitely not forget easily. And the reason for that is quite simple. That is due to the fact that Spirit Twister Bingo is probably one of the more unique games we’ve ever had the pleasure to review so far. One huge reason for that is the Multiplayer feature. Playtech makes sure that you have once in a lifetime bingo experience, by allowing up to 25 players to join the room. And that is especially important, since according to the rules of the game, the more players, the bigger your chances of winning.

Moreover, you won’t find this bingo in a regular lobby, like any other game. In order to play Spirit Twister Bingo, you need to search for a separate section/tab, at designated sites that offer this unique game.

Released on 25.05.2021, Playtech made sure that we get one colourful and rather unique version of Bingo. One unique feature is that this bingo game begins when enough players are in the lobby. This is rather odd, considering that other bingo games have a set time in order to have a clear timeframe of what is going on. Inspired by the classic Bingo game we usually see on TV, the goal of this online slot is to simulate a real game, by gathering as many people as possible.

And in order to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience, Playtech stacked this bingo game with progressive jackpots and multipliers. Making for not only an entertaining but a rather rewarding experience as well.

Theme & Design

Being that this is a bingo game, not a dedicated online slot, you would expect to be a bit disappointed when it comes to the visual aspect of the experience. But you’d be wrong, as Playtech made sure to capitalize on its animal-inspired theme and create a fantastic bingo experience that is just as visually captivating as it is exciting and rewarding.

With this in mind, we can come to the conclusion that Spirit Twister Bingo has everything that we require in order to be considered an excellent game. Everything from the visuals to the gameplay is absolutely immaculate and done to perfection, which is exactly why we have no trouble saying that you will absolutely love this bingo game.


The Spirit Twister Bingo is a 75-ball bingo version of the classic game. It comes with a rather rewarding multiplier feature, which has the potential to stack your wins 5 times the full house amount. When the multiplier is triggered, it will start an animation that circles on the screen and randomly sets on a certain Spirit animal. Note that each Multiplier value greatly depends on the type of Spirit Animal that the animation will land. This means that each spirit animal in this bingo game has different values.


  • Rabbit – x1
  • Stag – x2
  • Fox – x3
  • Wolf – x4
  • Bear – x5

Furthermore, the winning amount in Spirit Twister Bingo greatly depends on what prize you will land while playing. Particularly, the multiplier gem will appear along with the value that the game itself will show when the game is starting. Consequently, when you hit a prize, the player will notice that the prize multiplies depending on the value.


As a result, there are 6 prizes that you can win in Spirit Twister Bingo. Those depend on whether you hit 1 or multiple lines. The biggest being the Full House. By hitting the Full House prize and the bear x5 multiplier, you basically hit the biggest win in the game.

Yet, those honours are reserved for the progressive jackpot that Spirit Twister Bingo is packing. Which is also ‘accidentally the biggest prize in the game. In specifics, this progressive jackpot increases with the number of tickets that players are purchasing. Each ticket contributes towards the price increase. The way you win this jackpot is by ‘simply’ winning a full house in 40 tries or less. Being that this bingo operates with a community jackpot, in case of a win everyone gets something. As a result, the winner gets 50% of the full house, while the remaining 50% will be split among the rest of the players.

Final Thoughts

Spirit Twister Bingo will definitely suit you if you are a competitive bingo buff. Especially since this online bingo game is created to represent an online version of the multi-million audiences that usually participate in TV bingo games. As a result, Playtech came up with a rather unique, yet rewarding concept to provide exactly that. Spirit Twister Bingo allows up to 25 players to battle for the top prize. It comes as a 75-ball version, with 6 amazing prizes. Each prize depends on what type of animal, or prize your multiplier lands. For that matter, Spirit Twister comes with 5 unique spirit animal symbols.

Spirit Twister Bingo requires a 5p per ticket and 50p per game in order to be able to play. Keep in mind that there is a minimum of 10 tickets in order to play, so that is where the 50p comes from. One game is usually around 3 minutes, which usually indicates a low waiting time.

Though similar to Buzz Bingo’s offer, Spirit Twister Bingo is rather unique as well. It is rewarding, and exciting and offers a fun way of interacting with fellow bingo enthusiasts. We won’t waste any more time describing this online slot game. The best way is to see for yourself.

Play Spirit Twister Bingo


Provider: Playtech
Release: 25.05.2021
Type: Video Slots
Variance: N/A
Hit Frequency: N/A
Max Win: N/A
Min bet $, €, £: N/A
Max bet $, €, £: N/A
Layout: 5-5
Betways: N/A
Features: Lottery, Multiplier
Theme: N/A
Objects: Diamond
Genre: N/A
Others: Violet, Bingo, Jewelry, Bears, Rabbit, Wolf
Mobile: Yes
Technology: JS, HTML5
Last Update: 26.05.2021


How does Spirit Twister Bingo work?

Spirit Twister Bingo works just as regular bingo, with the exception of the multipliers.

Does Spirit Twister Bingo have free spins?

Being that this is a bingo game and not an online slot, Spirit Twister Bingo doesn’t come with free spins.

Who owns Spirit Twister Bingo?

Spirit Twister Bingo is produced, and consequently, owned by Playtech.

How to win Spirit Twister Bingo?

The best way to win in Spirit Twister Bingo is to hit the main progressive jackpot in 40 tries or less.

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