• 5,000x Max Win
  • Cash Wilds
  • Showdown Spins/Battle Mode
  • Crates & Boosters
  • Buy Feature
  • No Scatters
Dystopia Rebel Road

Dystopia: Rebel Road

Get ready for an online slot experience that is nothing like you have seen before, as Octoplay is changing the industry with this one. Dystopia: Rebel Road is a fast-paced, action-packed, and utterly exhilarating online slot that takes gaming to a new level. Straight out of a Mad Max movie franchise, what makes Dystopia: Rebel Road so good is its unique lore and storyline that will captivate you from the first spin.

More specifically, the game is set in a dystopian future where allies and enemies go head-to-head in battle. Now, this battle is amplified even further by a plethora of engaging slot features including strategic booster aid, cash wilds, free spins, etc. Even more amazing is that there are 5 allied and 5 enemy characters, each coming with its own attack stats, which are crucial in the pursuit of big rewards and insane prizes.

In other words, the goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible, and depending on which characters you defeat, you can win some truly fantastic treasures. Get ready to battle for the future of the world in what we believe can arguably become the slot of the year!

Theme & Design

Well, being that this is a dystopian online slot with an emphasis on war and battle, you should definitely expect an action-packed slot with tons of dystopian elements. The first thing you notice when you launch the game is the post-apocalyptic background that resembles New York after a nuclear war, and this sets the tone for your entire gaming experience, something that is quintessential for a good online slot.

Moreover, all symbols of the game are just as you would expect: ready for action. Moreover, most of them are the characters of the game, while the others are letters, numbers, and wild symbols, all of which are beautifully done in unison with their captivating theme. Even the animations resemble a sequence from Metal Slug, which is nothing short of fantastic and makes the entire experience even more authentic as it draws you into the gameplay even further.

Base Game


Dystopia: Rebel Road is a 6-reel, 4-row medium-high volatility online slot that comes with 25 paylines, a 19.9% hit frequency, a 95.76% RTP which goes up to 95.80% if you purchase the Buy Feature, as well as a hefty 5,000x your stake max win.

Moreover, this is an online slot with 5 low-paying, 5 high-paying, and cash wild symbols. The low-paying symbols of the game are the letters and the numbers, while the high-paying symbols are the main characters of the game, i.e. the good guys.

The Wilds

There are 3 different sizes of Cash Wilds. It is important to remember that Wild number 2 and Wild number 3 can award a cash prize if they participate in a win, and if the value of the cash prize is too big to be displayed, they will be displayed as bet multipliers.

The Cash Wild symbols:

  • #1 Wild: 1×1
  • #2 Wild: 2×1 – 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x Cash Prize
  • #3 Wild: 3×1 – 7x, 8x, 10x, 15x, or 20x Cash Prize
Bonus Symbols

The Characters

Undeniably the most exciting part of this slot is the characters. The good guys of the game are only available during the base game, while the bad guys appear during the Showdown Spins which is the versus mode of the game.

During the Showdown Spins, the characters land on the reels with a pre-determined amount of Attack Power and lock in place. Then, if the enemy cash prizes are too big to be displayed, they will count as bet multipliers.

With that being said, let’s have a look at the characters of the game.

The Allies

  • Ally #1– 10 Attack Power, 10 Health Points
  • Ally #2 – 20 Attack Power, 20 Health Points
  • Ally #3 – 30 Attack Power, 30 Health Points
  • Ally #4 – 100 Attack Power, 100 Health Points
  • Ally #5 – 200 Attack Power, 200 Health Points

The Enemies

  • Enemy #1 – 5 Attack Power, 5 Health Points, 2x Cash Prize,100x Maximum Cash Prize
  • Enemy #2 – 20 Attack Power, 20 Health Points, 5x CashPrize, 250x Maximum Cash Prize
  • Enemy #3 – 50 Attack Power, 50 Health Points, 10x CashPrize, 500x Maximum Cash Prize
  • Enemy #4 – 200 Attack Power, 200 Health Points, 100xCash Prize, 2500x Maximum Cash Prize
  • Enemy #5 – 300 Attack Power, 300 Health Points, 250xCash Prize, 5000x Maximum Cash Prize
Bonus Game

Showdown Spins

To activate the Showdown Spins you need to land 3 or more Bonus Symbols in the same spin. During the bonus feature, the reels change to a 6×2 grid and the only symbols that can land are allied characters, enemy characters, Boosters, or empty tiles.

Whenever there is a character locked on the reels with a Booster underneath it, the effects of the Booster are applied before the Showdown Spins feature starts.

The Showdown Spins start with 500 Player Health Points. Landing 4 Bonus Symbols guarantee Ally #3 to appear on the first spin, 5 Bonus Symbols guarantee Ally #4 to appear on the first spin, and 6 Bonus Symbols guarantee Ally #5 to appear on the first spin.  

When both the allied characters and the enemies are locked in the slot, they start battling each other.

The allied character closest to the enemy always starts the battle, and allied characters take turns attacking the enemy characters. When two characters battle, they lose Health Points equal to the Attack Power of the opponent and they are destroyed when the Health Points of one of the characters reaches 0.

When an enemy character is destroyed it releases a cash prize. If all allied characters are destroyed and there are still enemy characters left that haven’t attacked in the current round, the enemy characters will then attack the health bar instead, and consequently, deduct the Attack Power from the Player Health Points

Finally, the Showdown Spins feature can end either when the Player Health bar reaches 0, or If you reach the MAX WIN of the game.

Battle Mode

The Boosters

During the Showdown Spins feature, Boosters may land on the horizontal reel under the characters. Moreover, Boosters can carry buffs or de-buffs which can be applied to the characters that are currently present on the reels above.

There are 7 different Boosters, and they are:

  • Gun: +10 Attack Power
  • Med-kit: +20 Health Points
  • Grenade: -20 Health Points
  • Motorbike: +10 Attack Power, stays for 2 spins
  • Car: +10 Attack Power, +10 Health Points, stays for 3 spins
  • Truck: +20 Attack Power, +20 Health Points, stays for 4 spins
  • Cash Crate
  • Double Crate

The Crates

The Cash Crates carry multipliers of 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, and 50x times your Stake. If a Cash Crate lands under an Ally character, the Cash Prize is collected. If a Cash Crate lands under an Enemy Character, then the Cash Prize is added to the Cash Prize of the Enemy character.

In the case the cash prize values are too big to be displayed, they will be displayed as bet multipliers.

Moreover, Double Crates may also land on the horizontal reel below the characters. If a Double Crate lands under an Ally character, all winnings from the Showdown feature up to that point will be doubled. However, if a Double Crate lands under an Enemy character, then the Cash Prize of the Enemy character will be doubled.

The Buy Feature

Lastly, Dystopia: Rebel Road also comes with a Buy Feature that you can purchase for 100x your current wager, and this is perfect for players who don’t wish to wait for the Showdown Spins feature to be triggered conventionally.


          Final Thoughts

          What can we say about Dystopia: Rebel Road except that it completely changes the way that online slots are played?

          Though it looks like any other online slot on the surface, underneath it is an action-packed game that is more like a video game than it is an online slot.

          With a versus mode, unique characters, boosters, crates, cash wilds, and an absolutely captivating storyline that keeps the stakes high at all times, it is truly hard to find an online slot that can even remotely be compared to this one.

          And with a max win potential of more than an impressive 5,000 x your stake, it is clear that this particular online slot simply has it all!

          Play Dystopia: Rebel Road

          • Provider: Octoplay
          • Release Date: 22.05.2024
          • Type: Video Slots
          • RTP: 95.76%
          • Variance: Low-Med
          • Hit Frequency: 19.9%
          • Max Win: x5000
          • Min bet $, €, £: 0.1
          • Max bet $, €, £: 200
          • Layout: 6-4
          • Features: Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, Buy Feature, Multiplier, Wild
          • Theme: Apocalypse
          • Technology: JS, HTML5
          • Game Size: 12.2 MB
          • Last Update: 23.05.2024


          What is the Dystopia: Rebel Road RTP?

          The RTP of Dystopia: Rebel Road is 95.76%, and this is considered an average return to player.

          Does Dystopia: Rebel Road have free spins?

          Yes, Dystopia: Rebel Road has free spins, and they are called the Showdown Spins.

          How to play Dystopia: Rebel Road?

          Playing Dystopia: Rebel Road is easy and all it requires is landing the right wild combination to hit a win, and you can learn this by reading our in-depth review of the game.

          Who owns Dystopia: Rebel Road?

          Dystopia: Rebel Road is produced, and consequently, owned by Octoplay.

          Where to play Dystopia: Rebel Road?

          You can play Dystopia: Rebel Road at any online casino that collaborates with Octoplay, and this includes online casinos that we promote.

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