• Authentic Experience
  • Instant Game
  • €2,304 Max Win
  • Big Multipliers
  • Collect Feature
  • No Free Spins

Penalty Shoot-Out

In the midst of the upcoming 17th edition of the UEFA Euro 2024 championship, we decided to review a game that is perfect for commemorating this European football festivalPenalty Shoot Out by the leading Evoplay. What makes Penalty Shoot-Out unique and different from any other online slot, is that this is not really an online slot game.


In fact, this is an interactive, instant game where you have one goal and one goal onlyscore as many penalties in order to win fantastic prizes such as multipliers and cash rewards. But, be cautious, as Evoplay made sure to create a game that is truly hard to beat, which adds even more excitement to this ingenious concept.

All in all, every online gambling enthusiast loves interactive casino games, and Evoplay managed to create the perfect game in that regard. So, prepare your boots, select your country, and get ready to face your destiny in one of Evoplay’s most exciting games!

Theme & Design

Just like every game produced by Evoplay, Penalty Shoot-Out comes with crisp graphics and exquisite details. Just as you would assume, the game is set in a stadium full of cheering fans who make a real-match atmosphere, which is very appropriate with the theme of the game and makes your entire experience authentic and exhilarating.

Being that this is not an online slot but rather an instant game, there are no symbols or reels. What it does have, however, is a goalkeeper, a ball, and excellent animations that further complement the game. All in all, this game is an exciting game that is a true visual masterpiece and it resembles more a video game than an average casino game.



As we already established, Penalty Shoot-Out is a unique, instant, and very interactive casino game that comes with a 96% RTP. The goal of the game is very simple – each round you get 5 penalties, and you need to score goals in order to win rewards in the form of cash prizes and multipliers.

Playing Penalty Shoot Out is pretty straightforward:

  1. Select a Country – choose between 24 different countries.
  2. Select an Area – choose one of the 5 goal areas and shoot the ball.
  3. Outcome – if you score, you can decide to either continue with the shoot-out or abort and claim the winnings by clicking “Collect”.

One thing you need to mind in Penalty Shoot-Out is the multipliers, as they give you the chance to win instant prizes with fantastic rewards. The multipliers of the game can be either x1.92, x3.84, x7.68, x15.36, or x30.72, and can have the potential to substantially increase your winnings.

This means that whenever you score a goal, your prize will be multiplied by one of these multipliers, and the value of your multiplier can depend on several things such as the value of your bet or whether you score consecutive penalties.

How To Win

Winning at Penalty Shoot-Out is fairly easy if you follow these simple rules:

Aim carefully: Take your time to aim your shots well during the penalty kicks, and then click on the goal area that’s least covered by the goalkeeper to maximize your chances of scoring a goal.

Stay calm: Penalty Shoot-Out can be intense, but staying calm is crucial. Don’t rush your shots and make sure to take a moment to focus before shooting the ball.

Manage your bets: Start with small bets to learn the mechanics of the game, and then gradually increase the size of your bet.

Collect wisely: Whenever you earn rewards, think strategically about whether it is best to continue playing or collect your winnings. Sometimes quitting can be the smarter choice, especially if you’ve accumulated substantial rewards.

Play responsibly: Always make sure to gamble responsibly. Set both time and budgetary limits and remember that gambling should be considered as a fun activity, not a way to make money.

Understand the Rules: Learn the rules of the game, including the multipliers and how bonuses are awarded. Learning the rules can help you make the right decision when things get heated.


Final Thoughts

Let’s just say that after playing Penalty Shoot-Out you will have a hard time going back to regular casino entertainment. This is because this is a game that completely changes your perception of what online gambling should look like, and Evoplay has done a masterful job creating a truly exhilarating and authentic football experience.

The graphics of the game are stunning, and this includes both the artwork and details such as the grass and the surroundings. Moreover, Evoplay also made sure to integrate real-live sounds and noises from cheering fans, making the atmosphere inside the stadium electric and as exciting as possible, thus giving the game a very special vibe.

One attention-to-detail that we particularly loved is the fact that Evoplay made sure to give you 5 penalty kicks, which is the same number as the penalty kicks in real life. All in all, this is the perfect game for avid football fans, especially since we are less than 10 days away from the start of the 17th edition of the UEFA European Football Championship!

Play Penalty Shoot-Out

  • Provider: Evoplay
  • Release Date: 05.2020
  • Type: Instant Games
  • RTP: 96%
  • Max Win: €2,304
  • Min bet $, €, £: 1 DEM
  • Max bet $, €, £: 50,000 DEM
  • Features: Multipliers, Cash Prizes
  • Theme: Sports
  • Technology: JS, HTML5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Penalty Shoot-Out RTP?

The RTP of Penalty Shoot-Out is 96% and this is considered an average return to player.

Does Penalty Shoot-Out have free spins?

No, Penalty Shoot-Out doesn’t have free spins.

How to play Penalty Shoot-Out?

Learning how to play Penalty Shoot-Out is very easy as all you need to do is read our in-depth review to learn the simple mechanics.

Who owns Penalty Shoot-Out?

Penalty Shoot-Out is produced, and consequently, owned by Evoplay.

Where to play Penalty Shoot-Out?

You can play Penalty Shoot-Out at most legitimate online casinos, including operators that we promote such as JackpotCity Casino and Spin Pug Casino.

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