• 4 Jackpots
  • 3 Bonus Rounds
  • Buy Feature
  • 4 Tickets
  • Wild Balls
  • Adjustable RTP

1524 Golden Quest

If you are a fan of bingo, then we guarantee you are going to love 1524 Golden Quest. Produced by Neko Games, an iGaming studio that excels in creating unique bingo games, 1524 Golden Quest is a mesmerizing title that will blow you away from literally every aspect. The first thing you will notice is undoubtedly the beautiful theme of 1524 Golden Quest that draws inspiration from conquistadors and the captivating Aztec culture, making every minute spent playing a visual pleasure. And this is to the slightest detail of the game.

However, the true magic of 1524 Golden Quest begins when you actually start playing the game. Neko Games has made sure to stack this game with literally a ton of engaging features. So much so, that it can literally make your head spin. Some of these include the Wild Balls, the four jackpots, the 3 Pick Objects, the 6-level bonus round, the symbol collection, and many others. This, paired with the brilliant mechanics, the hefty max win potential, and the overall design of the game make 1524 Golden Quest one of the best bingo games you will ever play.

1524 golden quest - base game


1524 Golden Quest is easy to master once you learn the basic rules of the game. 

  1. Once you hit play, a total of 30 balls will be drawn from the ball drum and the numbers of each ball that is drawn will be marked on the designated tickets. Balls and tickets can include numbers from 1-90, yet only 60 numbers in the 4 designated tickets will be included in the ball drum for the draw.
  2. If the marked numbers on the enabled tickets manage to create a winning pattern, they will award a prize corresponding to the pattern of the prize table.
  3. The candidate numbers on your ticket indicated that a pattern will be created if you land that specific number in the next round. If you do so, you will be awarded a prize. Regular candidates will be highlighted in yellow, while highest-prize candidates will be marked in orange.
  4. The candidates for high prizes include the Golden Chaman, the Musica Raft, the Bonus, and the Bingo patterns.
  5. After the initial 30-ball draw the Extra Ball stage will be triggered, but only if there is at least 1 candidate for a prize that is 6 x your bet or higher, per ticket. During this stage, you can purchase additional balls to increase the chances of winning, with the cost of each Extra Ball highlighted in the ball drum.

Though 1524 is a unique game with unique features, the essence of the game remains the same. Moreover, the bet value that you select is counted per ticket, and you play with four tickets, with the value of the tickets multiplied by the number of tickets you are playing for the total bet.

From here, it is important to know that multiple payouts per ticket can be awarded only if you create new winning patterns. In other words, if you create a winning pattern from an already existing winning pattern, you will only be paid for the new and more valuable pattern.

Another benefit of playing with four tickets is that you can enable the lucrative Jackpot feature. This works as follows: there are gold coins that are essential for landing a jackpot, as the balls that you draw may carry golden coins hidden with them.

Landing a jackpot is simple. The more golden coins you collect, the bigger the jackpot. As you collect these golden coins, they will be collected in the symbol collection bar above the game, thus giving you the option to monitor your jackpot progress.

  • 0-5 coins: no jackpot
  • 6 coins: Bronze jackpot
  • 7 coins: Silver jackpot
  • 8 coins: Emerald jackpot
  • 9 coins: El Dorado jackpot
1524 golden quest - jackpot

1524 Golden Quest – Bonus Rounds

1524 Golden Quest has three different bonus roundsthe Golden Pyramid, the Golden Gods, and the Golden Masks. Each of these bonus rounds comes with its own unique features and gameplay.

Golden Pyramid

In order to trigger the Golden Pyramid you will have to land the correct pattern, which in this case is the first two rows of your ticket to be filled with golden coins. Once you trigger the round, you will be taken to the bonus game where you have to play through 6 levels that are based on a pyramid. Moreover, each level has 3 doors, and each door has either a prize or a flock of bats

The way that this bonus game works, is that you have to choose from one of the 3 doors. Then, you will either win a prize or a flock of bats. If you select the correct door you will win a prize, you will be taken to the next level, where again you will be presented with 3 doors. If you select the bats, though, the conquistador will get startled and may fall from the pyramid. If he doesn’t, you progress to the next round where you will play for even bigger rewards. If he does, however, you lose, and you will be taken back to the base game.

What makes this bonus game even more awesome is that you can win up to 2075 x your bet per TICKET, plus a 550 x your bet fixed prize during the Bonus. This is even more awesome if we take into account that with each new level, the prizes get bigger and bigger, consequently giving you a chance to claim a hefty bonus at the end of the round.

Golden Gods

The Golden Gods bonus round is also triggered by landing the correct pattern, i.e. filling the 1st and the 3rd row of your ticket with gold coins. Once you trigger this bonus round you will be taken to a screen with 12 different gold coins. Each of the coins comes with a hidden God symbol. Simply match 3 of the same God symbols and you will win a hefty prize

If you manage to successfully land 3-of-a-kind God symbols, you can win up to 500 x your bet per ticket, plus a fixed 400 x your bet prize during the bonus

1524 golden quest - big win

Golden Masks

The Golden Masks is the third and final bonus game, and it is also triggered by landing the designated pattern – this time you will also have to fill the 1st and the 3rd row with golden coins, only they need to be connected via golden coins from the 2nd and 4th row. Once you activate this bonus round, you will be taken to the bonus game screen where you will have to choose from 8 golden masks.

The rules to win this bonus round are simple – select a mask with a prize and win a reward, or select a mask with a collect message and lose. The best part about this feature is that you can select multiple masks with prizes if you are fortunate enough. During this bonus round, you can win up to 1400 x your bet per ticket, plus a nice 400 x your bet fixed prize during the bonus.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Wild symbol of 1524 Golden Quest, the Wild Balls. The Wild Balls are an ingenious addition to this game because they allow you to select a number that is not available on any of the enabled tickets, and substitute that exact number. Meaning that they have the same function as a regular Wild symbol that is mostly present in video slots in the likes of Tropicool by Elk Studios, Coins of Luck by Synot, Aztec Blaze by Pragmatic Play, etc.

1524 golden quest - epic win

Final Thoughts

Simply put, Neko Games is completely changing the way we play bingo, and 1524 Golden Quest is a perfect example of this groundbreaking way of producing games. Not only will you fall in love with the beautiful theme and high-end graphics, but you will be blown away by its gameplay as well.

With 3 different bonus games, Wild Balls, a Buy Feature, a symbol collection, and 4 progressive jackpots, 1524 Golden Quest is nothing short of an adrenaline-like bingo game that will constantly keep you at the edge of your seat.

You may, however, be a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume of features and options. This is why we recommend playing the demo version before you start playing with real money. After all, demo games are the best way to master any casino game, and even better, they are available at literally all online casinos out there.

Play 1524 Golden Quest

  • Provider: Neko Games
  • Release Date: 17.03.2022
  • RTP: 95.04%
  • Variance: High
  • Max Win: x4200
  • Min bet $, €, £: 0.2
  • Max bet $, €, £: 40
  • Features: 3 Bonus Games, Pick Objects, Buy Feature, Random rewards, 4 Jackpots, Symbols collection (Energy), Wilds
  • Objects: Balls
  • Genre: Bingo
  • Other tags: Gold-color, Bingo, Knights, Mayan, Aztec
  • Technology: JS, HTML5
  • Game Size: 1000 MB
  • Last Update: 15.11.2023

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