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SiGMA Play by SiGMA World

Already known as a quintessential pillar of the industry, and as one of the closest partners of Gamblers Connect, SiGMA World enjoys a reputation for constantly coming up with innovations that only solidify its place as one of the best that this industry has ever seen. One perfect example of the winning mentality and progressive nature of SiGMA World is its brand new iGaming hub which can easily be called the wiki of iGaming, SiGMA Play.

Looking at all the accolades and achievements of this behemoth in the world of iGaming one might get the feeling that this is a company that has done it all. 

From organizing the most important iGaming events on the face of the earth such as global summits on 4 different continents to being the creator of the most prestigious iGaming awards in the business, it is no surprise whatsoever why Sigma with its innovations is referred to as one of those brands that genuinely shape the industry as we know it

This is why when Sigma launched SiGMA Play the iGaming world went crazy. This includes both the players and the competition since everyone knows that when SiGMA starts a project, it always ends in massive success. So, let’s dwell deeper and explore the amazing iGaming directory that is SiGMA Play, and see why it is referred to as one of the best online gambling websites on the internet.


The SiGMA Play iGaming Directory

What better way to introduce SiGMA Play than with the one-of-a-kind SiGMA iGaming directory? It is fair to say that this is probably the most visited sector of the entire SiGMA Play experience simply because it contains every bit of important information that the players want to see. This means SiGMA made sure to create an insanely well-stacked iGaming directory that holds not just information on the best online casinos and best sportsbooks at the moment, but also detailed and meticulously selected content regarding payment providers, software providers, as well as advice and updates on the latest mergers and acquisitions! 

Believe us when we say, this level of attention to detail is unmatched in our line of work, and due to this approach, you can expect nothing short of a true Wikipedia of literally everything regarding the world of iGaming. This includes:

  • Casino Sites – nothing but the most trustworthy and best-rated online casinos hand-picked by the SiGMA professionals
  • Sports Betting Sites – the finest sports betting platforms on the internet approved by the prestigious SiGMA Certificate of Trust
  • Game Providers – leading game providers, selected by SiGMA through years of experience working with the best in the business
  • Payment Providers – safe, secure and modern payment solutions
  • Land-Based Providers – everything from slot providers to suppliers of related gambling software, tables, and chairs
  • Platform Providers – the most technologically advanced iGaming platform providers specifically for new casino owners
  • Affiliate Leads – the leading affiliate platform that supports all affiliates from every vertical of the industry
  • M&A (Merger & Acquisition) Advisory – a dedicated directory specifically for M&A buying and selling business and company structures

SiGMA News Media

Being a brand that is present in every corner of the world, it is no wonder that SiGMA has both the resources and the extensive global outreach to be omnipresent in literally every happening in the world of iGaming. From here, since it monitors the latest technological developments, regulatory updates, as well as entertainment releases in the iGaming industry on basically every continent and in every hour, SiGMA can brag with the ability to create real-time news for every sphere of the world of online gambling. Consequently, it was only natural for SiGMA to capitalize on its global presence and produce one of the most informative news directories ever created by an iGaming operator, the SiGMA News Media.

Not only do we get 24/7 coverage on everything that goes on in the iGaming market in a written form, i.e. the prestigious and prominent SiGMA Magazine, but due to the progressive way of doing things, SiGMA even created its iGaming TV in addition to an internet podcast. Not only does this put the company way ahead of its competitors, but it also makes for one of the best-equipped iGaming media outlets ever created capable of projecting the latest happenings in the world of iGaming literally as they occur. Simply put, SiGMA is already a full-blown iGaming media outlet that is as effective and equipped as any of the world-renowned TV stations and newspapers on the planet.

Let’s have a detailed look at everything that you can find in the SiGMA Play News Media by SiGMA World.

  • Latest News – 24/7 coverage on everything that goes on in the vast iGaming industry
  • SiGMA Magazine – issued 3 times a year, the SiGMA magazine covers all verticals in both online and land-based gambling
  • Media Partners – the irreplaceable media partners and supporting organizations that help SiGMA gather nothing but top-tier C-level executives, affiliates, and related delegates
  • Press Pack – specifically designated page for all the official promotional information of SiGMA including primary logos, event banners, etc.
  • Media Rate Card – a dedicated page for all media packages that include the new and improved SiGMA website, video & tv, newsletter, as well as print & digital
  • SiGMA TV – full-blown SiGMA TV station with high-quality video content regarding the most important updates in the iGaming world
  • Podcast – SiGMA’s in-house cutting-edge studio, created with the single purpose of interviewing prominent members of the industry as well share the latest news of the iGaming sector

The SiGMA Summits

Everyone who is even remotely familiar with the world of online gambling knows that when it comes to organizing the best iGaming events on the planet, there is hardly a brand that can compete with the prowess of the SiGMA Summits. One look at the history of the SiGMA Summits and it is quite obvious that these events are simply hard to match not just because of the thousands of people in attendance, or the exceptional organizational skills. The reason why the SiGMA Summits hold so much value lies in the simple fact that they are frequently visited by both top-tier and new brands from the world of iGaming, making for a rather unique setup.

Not only do they represent the perfect opportunity to meet and greet with representatives from all verticals of the online gambling and land-gambling realms, but they also attract companies that are not members of the industry, yet are still inseparable parts of the iGaming world, including regulators, payment providers, software solutions, etc.

And if we take into account that SiGMA is the brand with the most extensive global outreach out of all other iGaming operators, then it is no wonder that you can find a SiGMA iGaming event on almost every continent around the world. Consequently, this level of coverage makes SiGMA probably the number one medium for expanding your brand awareness to all corners of the globe, in addition to being the perfect medium to forge everlasting partnerships with members of the industry that reside in 4 different continents. 

This is why whenever we talk about iGaming events and SiGMA in the same context, it is usually referred to as the operator that is responsible for not just re-shaping the world of iGaming but bringing the whole industry together regardless of the distance. This means that if you see a SiGMA Summit coming in a town near you, or in your place of residence, for that matter, do not hesitate to do everything in your power to attend. Especially if you are a member of our beloved iGaming industry.

It is good to mention that SiGMA makes sure to keep things interesting and give a chance to every iGaming market by making sure to organize its summits in a new location, and that is every consecutive year. Not only does this bring the entire industry together even more, but it is also an excellent opportunity to bring a new potential iGaming market onto the map. With this in mind, let’s have a look at all of the upcoming summits by SiGMA and their venues, both Regional and International.

  • Europe Summit 2023 – Malta, MFCC
  • Eurasia Summit 2023- Dubai, UAE
  • Asia Summit 2023 – Manila, Philippines
  • Africa Summit 2023 – Nairobi, Kenya
  • Americas Summit 2023 – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Balkans/CIS Summit 2023 – Limassol, Cyprus

Tools & Features

When SiGMA World created the SiGMA Play iGaming hub the sole purpose was to provide unparalleled access to not just the best iGaming content you can find, but to a plethora of various iGaming features and tools that are going to help players easily navigate through the website. Not only that, but every one of these features was meticulously planned and brilliantly executed in such a way that you have no problem whatsoever regardless of whether you are searching for the best online casinos or sportsbooks, the best bonuses, or you just wish to gain knowledge on a subject related to the world of online gambling.

To make the entire experience as smooth and as convenient as possible, SiGMA allows its readers to explore its amazing website in 10 different languages, which is practically unheard of. In addition to this, they allow you to find the best online casino regardless of where you live, making for a whopping 82 countries at the moment of writing. Needless to state the obvious, there is hardly an operator out there that can match this insane offer for casinos in 82 countries around the world. This, in addition to the customization freedom that you get with the 10 languages makes SiGMA Play the most extensive iGaming hub that is currently available on the internet.

To make things even more spectacular, SiGMA created an entirely separate category reserved for the most frequently asked questions in the line of iGaming. These FAQs were created by using advanced algorithms that scan the entire internet in search of what they deem as the questions most likely to be asked by both newbies and veteran casino players. From here, and considering the overall attention to detail of SiGMA as an operator, you can expect nothing short of a detailed explanation for some of the most important topics and concerns regarding the iGaming industry.

To show that the entire website was created for the sake of the players, SiGMA even integrated a chat for everyone who wants to get in touch. The best part about this chat is that it is not an AI like most operators tend to offer, but SiGMA employs real persons who are as friendly as they are helpful. This means that you can get to converse with real customer support representatives, in real-time, for literally any topic that is even remotely connected to online gambling.


Guides & Video Reviews

Since the goal of SiGMA was to create the ultimate iGaming directory on the world wide web, it was only natural to offer an extensive list of guides and reviews. Calling the SiGMA Play guides and reviews extensive is even an understatement, considering how much effort, resources and innovation this operator puts into providing its visitors with the best information possible. This includes a considerable amount of detailed guides for both online casinos and sports betting operators, including comprehensive papers on casino and betting strategies. Not only does this give you a unique insight into the world of gambling as we know it, but it is also the perfect opportunity to master knowledge that can take your gambling skills to the next level.

Yet, the truly innovative nature of SiGMA as a brand comes to life as soon as you take a look at the video reviews. In fact, this is our favourite part of the entire SiGMA Play experience, simply because you get to listen to detailed insights about the best online gambling operators on the market in a video version, brought to us by leading iGaming experts. And the reason why these reviews are so cherished is that in addition to getting a visual narrative of the casino reviews, you also get the personal touch of listening to a leading iGaming professional taking his time and talking directly to you. Shortly put, the video reviews are all about taking the game to the next level, and we can easily say that SiGMA managed to achieve that perfectly.


Most people believe that becoming number one in your profession means that you finally get to slack off and reap the fruits of your success. However, little do they know that it entails working even harder to justify your position at the top of the food chain and separate yourself as the best of the rest. And this perfectly applies to SiGMA, one of the biggest and most prominent members of the iGaming industry.

By creating SiGMA Play, SiGMA World once again showed that the only way you can remain at the top is by constantly improving. And even more, it shows that to excel and become a true game-changer, one must always remain ahead of the curve and relentlessly work toward producing new and innovative ways to dominate the game and satisfy the audience. Consequently, it is all about hard work and dedication, and when it comes to SiGMA, there is hardly an operator out there that can match their skills and approach.

SiGMA Play

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