What Are The Biggest iGaming Events In The World?

Attending one of the biggest iGaming events is absolutely crucial for everyone that is into elevating their business to the next level simply because of the personal touch of meeting your potential partner in person.

The biggest iGaming events in the world

The Biggest iGaming Events In The World

It doesn’t take much expertise to realize that every business, whether it is in the digital or the physical realm, cannot succeed without connections. And while the idea itself requires individuality, the growth, and consequently the expansion of your business venture almost exclusively depends on how well you can develop your contacts portfolio. Especially in the vast and ever-expanding iGaming industry where everything we do and the plan involves people, which is where the biggest events in the world come into play.

With this in mind, the first big question we should ask ourselves when it comes to forging successful partnerships that will elevate your business to the next level, is what is the best way to make these connections? Sure, sending emails and scheduling video calls is a viable and pretty effective way to make your presence noticed. It is even one of the cheapest too. However, when it comes to making a permanent impression that means something, there is nothing as effective as meeting with your potential partners in person. 

Being this is easier said than done, especially in a global industry such as ours where the majority of the partnerships are inter-continental, the best, and consequently, the only way to achieve this is by attending one of the amazing annual iGaming events. Whether it is a local conference in your hometown or a major iGaming summit in one of the biggest cities in the world, it is always a good idea to try and participate regardless of the expenditures

Being that Gamblers Connect is an avid supporter of any type of in-person communication, and the simple fact that we always try to attend any iGaming conference, regardless of the magnitude, we decided to comprise a list of the biggest iGaming events that are annually held around the world.


The biggest iGaming events in the world - SIGMA
SiGMA World

We begin our list of the biggest iGaming events in the world with one of the most influential and globally available conferences ever since the beginning of the industry, the amazing SiGMA. This international iGaming event-organizer behemoth is known for its massive influence and reach in the industry, simply because of how much it covers on a global scale. Just to show you what we mean, at the moment of writing SiGMA is responsible for planning and managing 5 iGaming events on 5 different continents. This includes Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, making for a truly unbelievable global presence.

This level of international presence means that SiGMA is a target of both B2B and B2C companies that seek new opportunities to further expand their contacts and grow their businesses. As a result, every year SiGMA exclusively attracts the biggest names in the industry from practically every department, including software providers, online casino operators, sportsbook operators, live casino operators, providers of iGaming solutions and platforms,  iGaming media outlets, iGaming affiliates, investors and much more.

iGB Live

The biggest iGaming events in the world - IGB Live 2023
iGB Live

iGB Live is another member of the biggest iGaming events in the world simply because it is organized by one of the most respected iGaming media outlets in our industry, the notorious B2B magazine, iGaming Business. More specifically, this iGaming event takes place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, a city that doesn’t need further introduction, being that it is a frequent hotspot for a plethora of global events from various industries, including iGaming. Or a little over 5000 attendees and more than 200 exhibitors from various sectors of the industry, to be exact!

From here, if we take into account the influence of iGaming Business, and the fact that we are talking about Amsterdam it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that iGB Live is visited by some of the biggest names in the iGaming industry. This prestigious list includes iGaming entrepreneurs, investors, online casino operators, sportsbook operators, live casino operators, iGaming software providers, and media outlets alike.

G2E Asia (Global Gaming Expo)

The biggest iGaming events in the world - G2E Asia

We can trace the beginning of the massive G2E Asia conference back to 2007, in Las Vegas, Nevada. And while at the time this iGaming event was organized and executed by the American Gaming Association (AGA) to bring both B2B and B2C companies in North America together, this didn’t last for too long. As the vast Asian iGaming market started to expand and grow, so did the need to meet this demand and bring all major Asian operators in the industry in one spot started to pressure the organizers to find a viable solution. Hence, the quick fix for this “problem” was to simply take the expanding G2E, and transfer it to Asia. 

This resulted in the organizers deciding to make G2E the single biggest unofficial iGaming event on the Asian continent. And what better place to organize the most visited iGaming event in the world, other than the biggest land-based casino not just in Asia, but also in the world, the unbelievable Venetian Macao, located in China? From here, given the magnitude and the insane attendance, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that G2E Asia is a hotbed for basically every major player not just on the Asian iGaming scene, but on the global as well.

This level of attendance means that the conference is divided into various segments representing every vertical of the iGaming industry, including: “Health and Hygiene”, “Security and Surveillance”, “Parts and Components”, “Game Development”, “Smart IR and Innovation”,  “Lottery”, “eSports”, and much more.

ICE London

The biggest iGaming events in the world - ICE London
ICE London

This is another one of the biggest annual iGaming events in the world, and as such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that is exclusively attended by only the biggest representatives from our industry. Located in the financial capital of the world, and consequently the United Kingdom, the ICE London is one of the very few annual conferences that can single-handedly bring together nothing but international behemoths of the iGaming industry, as well as some of the biggest investors and iGaming entrepreneurs that this business has to offer. 

Even more importantly, ICE London is considered one the best, if not the most productive platform for discussing various issues and matters in relation to the amazing iGaming industry. This includes improvement of security, finances, and investments in iGaming, current and future iGaming events, operations, marketing and commercials, future technology, and similar crucial issues.

This means that regardless of your vocation or background in the industry, or whether you are a brand operator or a software provider, ICE London deserves nothing but your undivided attention, being that you cannot put a price on the contacts and the connections that you are guaranteed to make.

SBC North America & SBC Barcelona


For those unfamiliar, even though this is hardly the case if you are already involved in the iGaming industry, nevertheless, for those who are not familiar, SBC enjoys a reputation as one of the best organizers of some of the biggest events in the iGaming industry. In particular, the sole focus of SBC is organizing events for “senior executives focused on sports betting, gaming, payments, digital marketing, and safe gambling.” With that being said, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that SBC is “responsible” for organizing the most lucrative iGaming events on the planet. And while this includes a wide range of events throughout the globe, nothing attracts more attention than two particular events: the SBC North America Summit and the SBC Barcelona Summit.

With that being said, the first of the two SBC annual events that you definitely cannot afford to miss out on is the SBC Summit North America.

Known as the leading iGaming conference and tradeshow for the United States and Canada, the SBC Summit North America usually takes place in New Jersey, also known as probably the biggest iGaming and sports betting market in the US. From here, the third annual edition of SBC North America will yet again include the biggest and most prominent representatives from every department of the iGaming industry in the region. With more than 3500 delegates, more than 1000 operators, over 250 speakers and a little over 50 exhibitors, this is one event that is slowly becoming one of the biggest on the planet.

This means that in addition to the opportunity to personally meet all the top dogs of the US iGaming scene, New Jersey will provide the perfect platform to exchange experiences and ideas regarding some of the most important topics in the industry, such as the expansion of the iGaming world and the implementation o future technologies, for example.

Global Betting & iGaming Show

The SBC Summit Barcelona, on the other hand, is already a well-known SBC iGaming event that never fails to attract anything but the biggest companies that this industry has to offer. Located in the absolutely breathtaking city of Barcelona, Spain, the SBC Summit is an annual host of probably the biggest number of attendees that you can ever meet in a single iGaming event. Just listen to these numbers: 6000 delegates, 350 speakers and 200 exhibitors from basically all branches of the iGaming industry.

In fact, the SBC Summit Barcelona is so vast that it usually features five different zones representing five essential pillars of the iGaming industry – Casino & iGaming, Sports Betting, Affiliate, Marketing & Media, Payments & Compliance, and Emerging Tech, Blockchain & Metaverse. Moreover, given the magnitude of this event, each of these zones comes with its own networking area, exhibition floor and conference stage. This consequently means that attendees have the unique opportunity to see new and exciting products, meet fellow representatives from the industry, and listen to in-depth analysis and professional insights brought to you by some of the most prominent minds from the iGaming world.

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