How To Win At Online Casinos: Find The Best Online Casino Strategy

The number one rule in gambling is to always plan ahead and have a strategy, being that is the only fool-proof way to exponentially increase your chances of winning.

Winning At Casinos – Planning Is Everything

Needless to say, playing at online casinos comes with a certain risk. Naturally, that particular risk is greatly amplified if the player doesn’t have the necessary information or experience before indulging in play. Many studies show that the vast majority of online casino players tend to neglect reading reviews or doing research before playing, which drastically narrows their chances of winning at casinos.

Consequently, this narrows their chances for a successful gaming experience even further. Well, what if we tell you that all it takes is between 5 to 10 minutes to prepare yourself for the next gambling adventure? And that by applying the best online casino strategy specifically for you, you can turn the tide in your favour.

To demonstrate that luck is not all you need to know how to beat online casinos, Gamblers Connect decided to create a list of the most effective online casino gambling strategies on the internet. We believe that each player is responsible for his luck, and having an edge over the casino can really be the case.

That is why we decided to write a gambling strategy guide that is comprised of both specific instructions, as well as general advice on some of the best gambling tactics out there.

It is all about assisting you to tailor the best online casino gambling strategy, specifically for your personal preferences and style of play. Just keep reading this gambling strategy guide and you will quickly learn the small amount of effort that it takes to learn the tricks of the trade and learn how you can beat online casinos.

1. Winning And Playing at Legitimate Online Casinos

First thing first, the utmost imperative thing you can do before spending your hard-earned money, is to find the right online casino. A casino gambling strategy will only work if you are at the right online casino. And by ‘right’ online casino, we mean a licensed and officially regulated casino operator, and nothing less. While you may find a lot of online casinos that operate without a licensing badge in the footer, it doesn’t mean that you should indulge. Yes, the only difference is the small license icon, but believe us when we say that it is exactly that icon that makes all of the difference in the world.

Not only that a license badge mean a regulated gaming environment, but it also represents a symbol of transparency. That is because the gambling regulator that issued the license will perform frequent audits and checkups on the casino. And that includes everything from ensuring that the operator isn’t conducting illegal services to making sure that the slots and games are paying out according to the predetermined RTP, and nothing less. Yes, some online casinos out there won’t swindle you or take advantage of your situation.

Nevertheless, by playing at unregulated online casinos you significantly reduce the chances of any gambling strategy efficiently working in your favour, and consequently, decrease your chances of winning at the casinos.

2. Winning at Casinos – Start With Free Versions

The best way to ensure a successful strategy is to plan ahead, i.e. plan in the long run. And that is perfectly applicable to our next gambling strategy, which is starting with Free/Demo Games. It is the best and only way you can learn a specific game, before spending real money. It is cheap, convenient, and easy to find, considering that pretty much every online casino operator out there has a demo/free version of their casino games. And if the game you wish to learn doesn’t come with a free version, then don’t worry.

You can always open the game directly from the provider’s website and read the mechanics and the details for yourself. However, if you do not have the time or patience for that (which you should if you want to beat the casinos), then you can always find a game with a very flexible minimal stake, and just deposit a couple of cents to try the game. You will quickly see that is better to start playing with real money when you are pre-prepared, rather than jeopardizing your entire savings by allowing your ego to decide for you. Practice makes perfect, and free games are just that, practice for the real deal.

3. Set a Budget/Play Tournaments

Not only it is one of the best ways to develop your playing style, but playing at tournaments is one of the best strategies you can use for winning at online casinos. That is because there is one major benefit to playing at tournaments. And that is you only really lose money once, and that is when you are buying in for the tournament. Aside from that amount of money, there is no other risk to your funds. Expect if the tournament in question is allowing multiple buy-ins, which is rarely the case. You can choose a tournament for practically any casino game, even the slots.

All in all, a full-proof online casino gambling strategy, and one of the best ways you ensure you go home with both money and a new experience.

Setting a gaming budget, i.e. learning the art of bankroll management is the second most important thing you can do before you start to use any of the online casino gambling tactics successfully. Every professional online casino player always sets a gaming budget before starting to play. You can do this by calculating your monthly income, the minimum deposit, and the RTP of the game in question. Consequently, many reports show that players who tend to set a gaming budget before playing are more likely to end up not spending their entire savings, or paycheck for that matter.

Just make sure that the amount you set aside for playing doesn’t impose a threat on your day-to-day spending necessities and habits, and you are ready to embark on your new gaming adventure.


4. Use The Most Convenient Banking Method

One of the more underrated aspects of a successful gambling strategy, finding the right banking method for your preferences can make a difference. Especially if you are a newbie in the world of online casinos and digital payments. That is because each online banking method comes with a specific set of deposit limits, withdrawal limits, fees, and restricted countries. Needless to say, operating with a trusted banking method that doesn’t impose astronomic fees is crucial for a successful gambling endeavour.

That is why the professionals would rather leave the casino than spend even one dime with a different banking method aside from their favourite.

And if we take into account the ever-increasing number of crypto online casinos, this ‘little’ detail suddenly becomes even more important. This includes the new category of online casinos that accept bitcoin, i.e. crypto, as well. Even the best online casino strategy requires a trustworthy and practical banking method, and that is just a fact. It only takes a couple of minutes to read the payment methods and options, and yet it can save your balance from a disaster.

5. Play The Max Lines at the Online Slots

Winning at the slots and the casinos is all about being at the right place and at the right time. But, there is another way you can at least ensure that your winning chances increase. And that is by betting on the max lines at the slots. While at the beginning of online slots, the player had the option to personally choose the number of pay lines when spinning, this greatly reduced the win percentage, and consequently, the RTP of the gambler. And that is pretty much the case today as well.

The majority of online slots players tend to bet on 1 line, out of 25 active pay lines. However, this is a highly inefficient way to play the slots, and any potential winner will be ridiculously small.

Simply put, the greater the risk, the bigger your chances to win. Developers create the games in such a way, that the biggest win percentage available is when all of the pay lines are active. That is why experienced slot players almost exclusively opt out of multi-pay-line slot games. Almost every game has the RTP available for everyone to see, so for that matter, you should know that everything above 95.5% is considered average, or above average, depending on the instance.

Whatever the case, there is a way to increase your online slot chances, you just need to take a calculated risk, and you can easily come on top and beat any of the online casinos out there.

6. Take Your Time Between Spins

Making sure that you take your time between spins is crucial if you wish to get something back from the online slot. This is due to mathematical reasons, i.e., the random number generators. Unfortunately, online slots are still not enough technologically advanced to come up with a real random number. To produce a random number, the algorithm of the slot draws the numbers generated by the slot from a large pool with thousands of possible random results. At the moment, this is the most fool-proof way that casinos can guarantee the closest random number possible.

Considering that the random number generator is constantly coming up with numbers, each of the numbers ends up in the memory of the chip, and this memory is called the register. Moreover, this number will stay there for one split second, and afterward, it will be replaced by another number. This is where the 17-second rule of the slots comes into play. The whole point of the 17-second rule is to allow a 17-second delay before hitting the spin button. Not only does waiting 17 seconds drastically increase your win chances, but you also break any potential patterns.

6.a. Exemption

Naturally, if you are on a hot win streak, then you need to disregard this rule, and just ‘go with it’. However, should you notice that you are stuck in an unproductive pattern, then the best course of action is to simply wait it out. Consequently, the amount of time you are willing to wait before hitting spin can and will make the difference. Professionals decide to wait 17 seconds because online slots are programmed to easily randomize prime numbers only. The higher the prime number, the better it is for the player, and the higher the waiting time between spins, the more harmful patterns are being broken.


And most importantly, by allowing yourself to take some time off between spins, you also significantly reduce the risk of making impulse decisions. All in all, patience is a virtue, and when it comes to online slots, it is all about taking your time.

Blackjack Is Played One on One

Winning at one of the most popular casino table games in existence requires the best possible online casino strategy. The first tip to tailor the proper blackjack strategy is to know that this game is all about playing one-on-one with the dealer. Blackjack dealers simply hate when they have to deal with a single customer, being that one of the biggest advantages of this game from the house point of view is that is most efficient when there is a full table of players. That is why even strategies such as counting cards won’t do you much if you are not the single player at the table.


The main reason for this is because more players, mean more people drawing from the cards pack. When you play against the dealer, the chances of drawing the cards remain at 50% for both. The more players come, the fewer chances you have to get the right winning card, and the lesser the chance for you to beat the casinos. The best course of action is to avoid crowded blackjack tables. and simply play smart and conservative.

Take your time, read the dealer, and watch the cards. In most instances, blackjack is about concentration, and by implementing this rule of thumb, you increase your chances of winning at the casinos.

Play 2/3 at Once at Roulette/Play On Single Zero

Predicting the outcome of a roulette table is impossible. But increasing the win percentage of the game is absolutely doable. First of all, the biggest reason why some players lose at roulette is that they tend to bet on single numbers. While it is true that single bet numbers come with the highest value, it is certainly not the smartest strategy and is far from helping you beat the casinos. This applies to players who tend to bet on the lines in roulette, where they bet on 6 different numbers. Unfortunately, this plays in favour of the casino.

For that matter, the best course of action in this instance is to play on the outside bets of roulette. This includes red, black, even or odd. Moreover, roulette experts believe that one of the safest ways to place bets is between the 1/3 categories. This includes the following numbers: 1st twelve, 2nd twelve, and 3rd twelve, with each group paying 2 to 1 odds. From here, probably the safest way to play roulette is to play the 2 groups at the same time.

While it is true that this greatly reduces the win potential, it guarantees higher win frequency in the long run.


The second thing you can ensure is to play roulette games with a single zero number on the wheel. Considering that roulette tables with two zeros have a house edge of 5.2%, it is always best to go for the 2.7% house edge that single zero roulette tables have. Just as with the 2/3 rule, the results of playing single zero roulette tables will show in the long run.

Texas Hold’em Play The Least Number of Hands

Being one of the most popular online casino games periods, Texas Hold’em poker is one instance where applying the proper strategy can guarantee a surprisingly positive outcome, and consequently increase your chances of winning at casinos. The main reason why professional Texas Hold’em players succeed is that they tend to play as few hands as possible. The goal is to play only the starting hands that have higher value, and nothing more. While this tactic is not that efficient in the short run, in the long stages, being picky and knowing when to raise the stakes is the number one rule when playing Texas Hold’em poker.

Ideally, you would start each hand if you have at least one of the King, Queen, Jack, 10, or Ace in your cards. Also, you may want to pay attention to the colour of your cards, as well as the chronological order. By following one, or all of these suggestions, you greatly reduce the risk of losing, and consequently, increase the chance of winning. The basic rule of thumb when it comes to Texas Hold’em poker it is best to play 20% of the total hands, and nothing more. 

In the beginning, it may look like this type of playing is somewhat slow, but it is the right recipe for you to get a feel of the game, and develop your playing style. Eventually, the road to success is finding the best online casino strategy, and taking it one step at a time is the right way to go.


Final Thoughts

Playing at online casinos without a proper strategy is a fast way toward bankruptcy. Especially if you have intentions of doing this professionally and learning how to beat the casinos. In that case, it is absolutely imperative that you spend hours cultivating your craft, and consequently, finding the best possible online casino strategy. Online gambling is an extremely complex endeavour, and as such, it comes with a special set of unwritten rules and guidelines in order to have a successful gaming session. Neglecting these rules and guidelines can, and will, cost you your funds and your sleep. That is why planning before indulging is the key to anything, not just gambling.

Take your time and be patient. Avoid listening to stories about overnight millionaires and similar casino myths. Not everyone manages to find the best online casino strategy right from the start. For certain players, it may take a little more time until they discover what is really working for them and finally be able to say that they know how to beat casinos. Regardless of whether they are looking for the right game or the perfect casino strategy. The best thing about online casino gambling is that every player can have a unique gaming experience. The strategies and tips will only work if you are willing to take the extra time to mould your playing style.

Only by knowing yourself and your limits, you can have a successful gaming session. For everything else, feel free to consult with one of our online casino strategies that already helped a plethora of online casino players.

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