Finding The Best Casino Strategy – 5 Proven Ways To Play Against The House And Win

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Finding The Best Casino Strategy

It is simply unimaginable to be a successful casino player without finding the best strategy that suits your style the most. Betting systems, i.e. casino strategies, are the most effective way to improve both the outcome of your sessions and your skills. In fact, many studies show that by playing with a plan you can drastically increase your chances of winning, a fact that most average casino players unfortunately tend to neglect.

Whether you are playing casino games such as blackjack and roulette, or you are hitting online slots, gambling without a clear purpose and a proven strategy won’t bring you any return on your investment in the long run. This is why diligently planning your approach, finding the best casino strategy, and keeping track of your wagers and your bankroll management, is certain to elevate your game to the next level, ensure that you maintain a steady increase in your profits, and consequently, beat the casinos.

The Importance of The House Edge When Searching for The Best Casino Strategy

Before we dive into the best casino strategy that you should employ, we first need to talk about the house edge, i.e. the statistical advantage of the house. To put it in simple terms, the house edge is the money won by the house for every dollar that you spend, on average. From here, you should be aware that different casino games have a different house edge, which is why you should take this into consideration prior to tailoring your strategy. 

There are two ways to learn the house edge of a specific casino game: either by calculation and using a mathematical formula, or by reading the payable on the game you are about to play. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that some games have a higher house edge (such as roulette), while other games such as baccarat come with a relatively low statistical advantage, making for another good reason to do your research before you start playing.

Let’s take American Roulette as an example to see how the house edge works. American Roulette, the standard variation, comes with a $5.26 house edge, and this means that for every $100 that you bet, the house will win $5.26. The win of the players, or your win in this case, is the rest of that amount – $94.74. While this may seem good at first, in the long run, the casino always wins and has the upper hand over the players.

This is why you should never underestimate the house edge of casino games. It is absolutely imperative to find games with low statistical advantage and high return to player (RTP), especially if you are not fully familiar with the mechanics and the rules of the games you are about to play. To help you out, we comprised a short list of the casino games with the lowest house edge:

  • Medium-volatility online slots: 2% – 15%
  • European Roulette: 2.7%
  • French Roulette: 1.35%
  • Video Poker: 0.78% +
  • Craps: 0% +
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Staking Plans – Formats

Regardless of whether you are playing at the leading online casinos or at land-based casino establishments, having a proven betting system is a must. In order to ensure that you start right, you first need to be aware of three crucial formats that can help you find the staking plan that suits you the most. These are:

  • Regular Wagers
  • Positive Progression
  • Negative Progression

The Positive Progression betting systems require that you increase your wager whenever you have a winning hand or a winning spin. This plan was specifically tailored to take advantage of your winning hot streak. However, it can be highly risky to depend on this plan without a big bankroll, being that you will have to increase your bets as long as you win.

The Negative Progression staking plans are arguably the most widely used out there and they work opposite of their Positive counterparts: every time you lose, you increase your bet. The theory behind this strategy is to increase your bets until you win. Simple as that. However, we should mention that Negative Progression strategies are even riskier, being that this way of play can be detrimental to your bankroll in the long run.

What is The Best Casino Strategy?


The most popular staking plan and the most used Negative Progression betting system, Martingale can be used for finding both the best baccarat strategy and the best roulette strategy simultaneously. This staking plan works like this: if you lose, you double your wager, until you win. As soon as you win, reset your wager to the initial bet, and start all over. For example, if you bet $30 and you lose, your next bet should be $60. If you win, your next bet should be $30 again.

It is important to remember that employing the Martingale strategy successfully requires a massive bankroll. If you do want to try the Martingale strategy regardless of the risk, just make sure to start with a wager that is equal to 2% of the total amount of the current session. Start small, and make sure to have enough funds to cover any potential losing streaks.


The D’Alembert is another Negative Progression system that is very similar to the Martingale strategy. Here, you also increase the amount of your wager after a loss, only you are increasing the amount by a single unit. The most important thing you need to know in order for this system to work is that you have to set a betting unit of 1% of your bankroll. Every time you lose, you should increase the size of your stake by one unit, and decrease the same when you win.

For example, if your bankroll is $500, one unit is $5, and your starting bet is $25. If you lose, the next bet is $30. Lose again, and the next bet should be $35. If you win the next round, the bet will decrease by $5, and the next bet you should bet $30. Consequently, considering that this system is quite forgiving for losing streaks, it is no surprise that experienced players frequently use it, especially when playing Baccarat.

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The Fibonacci staking plan is also a Negative Progression system that is mostly used in casino games such as Roulette and online slots with a high return to player (RTP). The way that this system works, is that you progressively increase your wagers after a losing spin. The theory behind this strategy is to bet the amount of your last two bets. More specifically, if you win, you should reset your wager to 1, just like the Fibonacci Sequence:

  • 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34

For example, if you bet $34 and lose, your bet on the next spin should be $21, and so on. The goal of the Fibonacci plan is to help you cut any potential losses after a win. Due to this, the Fibonacci system is quite forgiving on your budget if you are in a rut and have a bad losing streak, especially in the long run.


The Paroli betting system is a Positive Progression strategy that is also called Martingale in reverse. The reason for this is that you need to double your stake after a win and reset it if you lose, unlike the Martingale where you do the opposite. For example, if you bet $15 and you lose, your next bet should be $15 again. If you win, your next bet should then be $30. Win again, and the next bet should be $60.

Just make sure to remember that you can only double your bet a maximum of 3 times. This means that if your third double bet was $60, your next bet will be also $60, i.e. a total of $120. If you hit three consecutive wins, you then need to set a limit take full advantage of your winning streak, and eventually set your wagers to the initial, base amount.


Last, but not least, we have the Cover-The-Table system which is one the most popular plans specifically for roulette. The goal of this staking plan requires hedging your wagers as much as you can in order to get a maximum return. While it may seem costly at first, the theory behind this strategy is for you to get a return on your wagers as frequently as possible.

Just take a look at these Cover-The-Table roulette bets, and you will get an idea of how this system works, regardless of whether you know how to play roulette:

  • 35 – place a bet on 35 numbers on the roulette wheel, and get a profit of 1 unit (only on European Roulette), if the ball lands on any of your numbers.
  • 11 – bet on 33 numbers, i.e. 12 streets of 3 numbers each
  • 17 – bet on 17 of the 18 splits, where each split pays 17/1
  • 1-18 & 3rd Dozen – place an even-money bet on 30 numbers and on 1-18 and a dozen numbers at 2/1, each
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How To Utilize The Best Strategy

Gamble Responsibly

Now that you know everything about the top gambling strategies, you are probably wondering what is the best way to use this knowledge to your advantage. Well, the first thing you need to be aware of before tailoring your strategy is that regardless of the tactics you are going to use, the art of gambling is still a volatile matter that requires much more than just a good strategy.

For this reason, it is absolutely imperative to follow the necessary responsible gambling practices. Informing yourself on how to gamble smarter, learning the tips and tricks to help you stay safe, and being aware of the general nature of gambling is the first thing before starting using the best casino strategy.

Play Demo Games

Demo games are undoubtedly the most efficient way to practice your new casino strategy. In fact, we can say with utmost confidence that there is no better way to learn the mechanics of a certain game and sharpen your skill than playing demo games. The main reason for this is that they are free of charge, and as such, impose no risk to your budget whatsoever.

Another major benefit of demo games is that they are easy to find. More specifically, demo games are not reserved exclusively for online casinos. There are several places on the internet where you can play demo games, which adds another layer of convenience and availability. This refers to literally all types of gambling games, starting with slots and ending up with table games.

Start Small And Set A Budget

While this may seem like obvious advice, believe us when we say that most players tend to neglect even the most basic tips and rules. Whenever you start playing with a new strategy, or a new game for that matter, it is always best to start small and set a bankroll that is appropriate to your finances. We cannot stress enough the importance of playing with a budget specifically for gambling, and more importantly, sticking to it.

Always start with small wagers. Even if you manage to win several hands in a row, you should still stick to your original plan and play with small amounts. Once you get a grip on the game, and later the strategy, you can gradually start increasing the stake amount until you feel you’ve reached the limit of your bankroll.

Remember, the difference between amateurs and professionals is that professionals take all the necessary measures to ensure maximum control over their gambling sessions. Playing smart and reserved is a steadfast way to master the art of gambling, and there is no other way around it.

Final Thoughts

Planning ahead is essential in literally every wake of life, not just gambling. However, the reason why this is one area that requires meticulous strategy and a diligent approach is because it involves your hard-earned money. Believe us, you don’t want to go broke like the biggest losers in the history of gambling, or follow shady tactics like that player who got sued by the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, only because you are stubborn.

There is a reason why these five strategies are widely used by millions of people across the world on a daily basis, and that reason is that they work like a charm. Regardless of which strategy you choose to use, make sure that it best suits your budget and playing style. Good luck, have fun, and always gamble responsibly!

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