How To Play Online Slots

Take a look at the most important things you need to know before starting your video slots adventure.

How To Play Online Slots

Online slots can be quite a useful tool if you are looking to make money while you are having fun. Being so, there are quite a few players out there who can really turn fun into serious profit. However, this is not as easy as it seems. Sure, luck plays a crucial role in the world of slots, but there are several life-saving and unwritten rules which if employed, could drastically raise the chances of you winning. Moreover, even the best slot players are using the same techniques and tricks which we will showcase to you. And these are probably the best way to learn how to play online slots, even if it is playing for free and solely for entertainment purposes, which we diligently recommend.

The only difference is the experience. Professional players spend hours, if not days searching for the right slot game. So our goal is to literally save you precious time and with that your hard-earned money. For that reason, below we present you with some of the more crucial things you need to know before embarking on your slots adventure.

Learn How Online Slots Work Before You Play

Probably the most important thing when you start to play online slots is to learn how they work and know what all those lines and symbols mean. This is crucial in order for you to know the difference and what each feature actually does. Moreover, each video slot consists of Reels, Rows, Paylines and Symbols.

  • Slot Reels is the space in which the symbols spin. As soon as you press the Spin button the reels will start to move, and once they stop, the symbols will arrange themselves on the reels. Video slots can be 3-5 reels and in some rare instances 6 reels.
  • Rows in video slots run vertically. The number of rows varies for each video slot, though the majority have three. The rows are pretty much the foundation on which all of the ‘magic’ happens.
  • Symbols are unique images that the video slots use to produce various winning combinations. The style and value of symbols are different and vary depending on the theme of the slot. Consequently, the value of the symbols will determine your prize.
  • Paylines are all the virtual lines/patterns that appear on the reels when you hit a winning symbol combination. The paylines can go in different directions, with the majority going from left to right. The point with paylines is to get as much as possible active in order to increase the different ways to win. For example, if you play a slot with 30 paylines and activate them all, that means you have 30 different ways to win.
Learn how Slots work

Furthermore, there are several very important bonus features that almost every advanced online slot has. Those are Scatter symbols, Wild symbols, bonus rounds and free spins.

  • Scatter Symbols are quite fun in advanced video slots. Especially since they do not necessarily have to appear on the paylines in order to trigger a win. They can appear anywhere, literally ‘scattered’ on the reels. When this happens, most of the slots trigger a bonus round.
  • Wild Symbols are definitely one of the favourites among video slot players. This means that they are literally the ‘Joker’ of the video slot symbols since you can use the Wilds as a substitute for pretty much any symbol.
  • Bonus round is a rewarding feature that many video slots use. The additional free round is meant to provide you with a little extra. And the best part about the bonus rounds is that they are totally unpredictable. Bonus rounds differ in value and complexity, and it all comes down to the type of video slot.
  • Free Spins are another among the favourites, since as the name suggests it offers a free chance to earn something extra. Free spins can be awarded manually by the customer service team, or triggered in the game while you are playing. This depends on the slot and occasion. Many video slots that offer free spins can unlock extra features like more Wilds, multipliers, bonus rounds, etc.

Know all there is about the Video Slot and the Provider

It is absolutely imperative to learn everything there is about the online slot before you decide to spend your money. This means you should conduct at least decent research in order to obtain the most essential information. One of them is definitely the RTP (return to player percentage). Higher numbers mean better returns for the player. To give you an example, if the RTP is 95%, that means that for every wager of $100, the casino keeps $5, while it returns $95 in payouts.

The next thing you need to look for is variance. Low variance usually means low payout. It also means more frequent, yet smaller winnings. High variance on the other hand means a high payout. It may not be as frequent as the low, but the winnings are drastically bigger when compared.

It may look like knowing the provider is not a big deal, but it can also play quite a crucial role in mastering the video slots. Especially since there are a number of copycats who operate without any approval from official governing institutions. Furthermore, original content from trusted providers usually means a smooth gaming experience and a guaranteed payout.

Find the right Casino

Consequently, casinos are one of the most important categories. You definitely need to do your research before you start the slots adventure and learn how to play online slots. We cannot stress enough the importance of having all the details before creating an account and depositing your money at a certain casino. Probably the most valid way to learn about the casino is licensing. There are many types of licenses, all varying in importance and value. And pretty much they all stand as a clear indicator that someone is officiating.

However, there are numerous black market online casinos, that really go the extra mile to convince the player that they are legit. Meaning that they will make the whole thing look real and scam-proof. While at the same time, there is no license badging, nor any means of communication whatsoever. These signs are a clear no, no.

For that matter, there are numerous ways you can best inform about which casino is safe and secure. Gamblers Connect’s purpose is just that, to give you a transparent and unbiased insight. Here you can check out our list of best casinos and decide which one suits you the best.

Master your craft through Demo games

Playing Demo games is the best way to get a first-hand insight as to what online slots are all about. Pretty much every single online casino that offers online slots has a demo version for you to try out. This is the perfect way to see if this is the slot for you, and more importantly, to learn its mechanics. And most importantly, you will definitely learn how to play online slots. And all this without jeopardizing your money.

Master your craft through Demo games

Set your Limits

This often comes as quite neglected in the gambling world, but it is very, very important. You should always set certain limits before you start playing video slots. Regardless if you know how to play online slots, or don’t. That is the only way to at least somehow ensure your funds. Whether it is a bankroll or a win limit. You can always use other people’s tactics for that matter. For example, it is always good to quit while you are ahead. Also, if you spend your money, it is best to walk away and wait for another shot. A hot temper and stubbornness are a sure way to spend all of your savings. If God forbid you to end up in that situation, there are always specialized centres and professional counsels who can help you overcome the issue.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this will serve as a guideline to understand how online slots work, and what to really expect should you decide to play at one of the online casinos out there. From here, pretty much every situation differs and it depends on the individual. However, there are at least certain general parameters that we can all use in order to have a fighting chance and an advantage. Good luck!

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