How Online Slots Work

Being one of the biggest earners for the casinos, online slots definitely need to be treated with respect, especially since they have the potential to instantly change your life.

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Online Slots Game Mechanics

Online slots are on the fast track to becoming the number one digital gambling activity in the world. Ever since first emerging in the mid-’90s, they’ve instantly made an impact on the world gambling scene. Even though back then, the first online slots were quite primitive and basic in contrast to today’s state-of-the-art modern games. Although we must say the overall structure of an average slot game and the mechanics of online slots still remain the same to this day. However, that is not to say that the art of online slot gambling hasn’t evolved at all in the past two decades.

Moreover, the first online slots were so different, that they were offering both the same number of reels and type of symbols, just as their land-based counterparts. In addition, there were just a handful of iGaming providers, making for far fewer game options. Something that is certainly not the case today.

Yet, despite the low global internet coverage and a couple of choices, this new form of gambling became an instant hit. Eventually, with the advancement of technology, so did the industry itself. Resulting in a crazy amount of options and providers. And more providers mean more competition, which eventually means raising the overall quality of the slots, and the industry for that matter. Today, it is fair to say that online slots are one of the most popular gambling activities in the world. In fact, they practically share the internet throne with sports betting. As such, it is only natural that today we have literally an entire ocean of online slots and providers at our disposal.

Consequently, with that amount of options, even experts can have a hard time learning all of those different games and symbols. Being that is impossible to know how every single game works, they all pretty much work with similar mechanics and share several interesting features. Some of which are far more simple and easy to learn than they look at first glance. That is why we use several key parameters to determine how exactly each online slot works and consequently, help you master the craft of online slots. Something that is essential when it comes to tailoring your strategy and gaming tactics.

How You Win At Online Slots

There are several ways you can hit a win while playing online slots, you just need to know how they work. The first thing you should know is that most wins will occur while you are in the base game. However, this may vary depending on the slot game and the symbols which the game is using. Moreover, you should always know all the details about the slot you are playing, in order to stay one step ahead. With this in mind, it is always best to ‘consult’ with the slot’s pay table. There you will learn about the quantity, value and winning potential of the slot in question. Remember, knowing all the details is a professional approach.

Online slots work with multiple paylines, with some even offering up to 100. Paylines are just what they sound like – the lines that the symbols used to arrange and bring you the win. So, the most important thing is to land the right symbols, usually in a row, in order to secure a win. For example, if you hit 5 symbols in a row, you get the biggest prize. As the number of symbols decreases, so does the reward potential decrease as well. However, there are also ‘all pays’ types of slots, which do not require landing the symbols on consecutive reels. And that is the case regardless of where they will appear on the reels. Symbols are what make most online slots release rewards, so learning them properly should always be imperative.

You should keep in mind that online casinos will always have a slight advantage. Yet, that is not to say that you are completely helpless on the subject. For that matter, you should always check both the Variance & Return To Player (RTP). This is crucial in order to learn about the rewarding nature of the slot game in question. Just know that low variance means frequent, but smaller rewards. Higher variance on the other hand means big awards but at the same time significantly lower payout. Same as with the RTP, where the bigger the percentage, the bigger the return to the player, i.e. reward potential.

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RNG & Slot Game Mechanics

One essential part of the online slot transparency and game mechanics testing process is the RNG or the random number generator. This algorithm is quite essential in today’s online gambling world. Especially if you consider that it exists to serve as an additional means of determining the fairness of the slot in question. Given that casinos want to control everything, the RNG is a useful tool that works in favour of the players. It represents a non-biased way to determine if the slot is actually working randomly. And that is very important since most regular players believe that each spin is affected by the previous. Well, RNG is here to serve as the impartial arbitrary and help protect the player’s transparency.

Furthermore, it is always the RNG’s job to decide which symbol appears on which reel. This is the main reason why you see a different set of symbols each time you hit the spin button. Additionally, RNG is also a crucial part of the whole casino table games experience. For example, it decides which cards are dealt in blackjack, or things like where will the ball land in the roulette game. Meaning that we cannot imagine the virtual casino experience without the help of the RNG.

Online Slots & Symbols

The biggest similarity between online casino and land-based casino slots is definitely the symbols. Given that both online and analog games work with basically the same slot mechanics, it is no secret that symbols are essential in order for a slot to exist. Regardless of the age, type or rewarding potential, without symbols, there wouldn’t be any slot games at all. For that matter, it is absolutely essential that you learn all types of symbols that online slots use to reward.

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Scatter Symbols are unique since they do not have to appear on the paylines in order to trigger a win. They can appear literally anywhere, all over on the reels. When this is the case, the majority of slots will trigger a bonus round.

Wild Symbols are the ‘Joker’ of the symbols. The best part about Wilds is that you can use them to substitute basically any symbol you need replacing.

Bonus Rounds release an additional free round, and are totally unpredictable. Bonus rounds have different values and complexity, which usually depend on the type of slot.

Free Spins are just what they sound like – an extra round of free spins on the house. Additionally, the free spins can release extra features such as more Wilds, multipliers, bonus rounds, etc.

Progressive Jackpots are what make most online slot players want to visit online casinos. Consequently, they make for the biggest reward you win online. They usually start with a small stake in the prize pool. However, once it starts, the numbers only go up. Meaning that the winning is exponentially rising until someone claims it. And that can go on for quite some time. These jackpots come in several ways such as individual, a select group of slots(usually in collaboration with a specific provider), or both.

Double Feature will get you another try after a win. Moreover, they are determined by the turn of the card or the toss of the coin and are different depending on the slot. Should you hit such a feature, you get an excellent chance to further double your win.

Extra & Bonus Features

Online casinos are products of the latest iGaming technology perfectly merged with the old-school game mechanics of the first slot ever. The revolutionary work that makes online slots a unique form of modern gambling, wouldn’t be possible without the technological progress of the iGaming sector. This resulted in the birth of new providers, and eventually fierce competition. Consequently, this leads to a constant battle among iGaming and gambling providers to come up with a unique and revolutionary feature to please slot buffs. As a result, we constantly hear and see about new, amusing ways that casinos use to make the whole experience a little bit better.

That may involve unique features such as a wheel of fortune, pick-em round, mini-game or even a game map where you move in order to claim the prizes. However, the best part about this sector is that it runs completely on imagination. Meaning that you can find literally hundreds of different bonus features, depending on the slot games you play. Starting with the classic and basic, up to the complex and awesome unique bonus features. With this one, we can easily say that you get an Easter egg each time.

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Final Thoughts

Online slots are on the fast track to becoming the number one form of online gambling in the upcoming years. This popularity is nothing new for online slots. Especially if you consider that they provide a level of convenience which land-based casinos simply cannot match. Also, it is quite the cheaper and more reliable solution. Given that it requires very little, yet can get you quite a big win. And this trend has only grown in the past couple of years, even more so with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Ever since the start, online casinos have been reporting record revenue numbers. With this thriving business in mind, it is no surprise the number of casinos that emerge by the day.

Consequently, looking at the way this industry is expanding and improving, it is safe to say that we are yet to experience the full potential of online slots. Particularly with the development of new technologies and mechanics, such as VR and crypto which are already changing online slot game entertainment as we know it. We can only sit back, relax and prepare for the upcoming iGaming revolution with the guidance and assistance of the world’s best online casino partner, Gamblers Connect.

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