• New & Innovative Format
  • Exciting Gameplay
  • Above-Average RTP
  • Interactive
  • Easy To Learn
  • Unpredicatble


It is safe to say that when it comes to exhilarating games featuring curve crash mechanics, nothing stands even remotely close to the most popular crash game of them all, the Aviator. Created by Spribe, the Aviator took over the global online gambling scene in less than two years. This is mostly thanks to the ingenious combination of simplicity, exciting nature, as well as interactive features, which make the whole curve crash genre one of the most sought-after online casino games we have seen in recent times.

And this especially applies to Aviator, the crash game that inspired many copycats and similar games. Coming with absolutely innovative and highly engaging gameplay, the reason why the Aviator is so popular is that it gives the player power to determine his destiny. Meaning that the outcome depends solely on your ability to “sense” when the airplane is going to crash and cash out, unlike the online slots where you are left at the mercy of the volatility of the slot.

However, be aware, especially since there is no telling when exactly the aircraft will take off, making the Aviator as exhilarating and unpredictable as they come.



Despite being nothing like the average online slots in terms of mechanics and looks, the crash curve games are even more simple to master. And while there are no reels, symbols, or paylines whatsoever, the Aviator is just as exciting and rewarding.

The game of Aviator is quite simple and easy to learn. Once you start Aviator, you will see a little red airplane taking off. The airplane starts at a coefficient of 1x your bet, and as it goes higher and higher, so does the coefficient grow. Now, this game is all about timing, meaning that you should cash out before the airplane takes off and leaves out of sight. How much you will win depends on the amount of your bet, as well as the coefficient of the airplane at the moment you decide to cash out.

Consequently, it boils down to your ability to anticipate when the plane takes off, as well as your luck, being that you never know when the airplane will disappear. Needless to state the obvious, the more time the airplane needs to take off, the higher the coefficient, and eventually the higher the win. And that is it. This unpredictable and exhilarating nature of the crash curve games, as well as the brilliant job by Spribe on the Aviator, is what makes this game one of the hottest titles from this genre in the past decade.


However, another big reason why Aviator is so popular is because of its interactive, i.e. social nature of the game. This is because Aviator comes with a bunch of multiplayer features that make you part of a large community of like-minded players who are also trying to bet when the little red airplane will take off. In addition to these interactive features, you can also see the bet history of all of the players currently in the chat room, which can give you a better perspective as to how much the top dogs tend to spend.


And speaking of the features, Aviator comes with the following:

  • Chat Room: communicate with fellow Aviators, make new friends, exchange tactics, and share statistics via special tools
  • Free Bets: claim free bets, giveaways, and promotions and play for free
  • Live Bets: see how your fellow aviators are betting and what coefficients they chase
  • Live Statistics: full access to the leaderboard and past multipliers up to 1 year
  • Rain Promo: claim random free bets by the casino in the form of “Rain” – click to claim
  • Aviarace Tournaments: exclusive access to a plethora of tournaments reserved for the players with the most points, and a chance to win cash prizes, special rewards, free bets, and much more


Aviator is nothing short of a breath of fresh air in an industry that is mostly dominated by one particular type of game, online slots.  Thanks to the ingenious idea by Spribe, and even better execution, Aviator has become the model by which every new crash curve game is designed. Not only does the Aviator provide an entirely different online casino experience, but it also comes with a long list of social features that truly separate this type of online gambling from your everyday online slots.

Not to mention that it perfectly balances excitement, unpredictability, and interaction, with an utterly rewarding outcome, should things go your way. Either way, it is safe to say that the Aviator created a whole new following in the iGaming industry, and forever changed the world of online casino gambling as we know it. All it takes is one look at all of the games inspired by this mega-popular title, and you immediately realize how vital the Aviator is in the grand scheme of things.

Play Aviator

  • Provider: Spribe
  • Release Date: 31.05.2021
  • Type: Crash Curve
  • RTP: 97%
  • Variance: Low-Medium
  • Min bet $, €, £: 0.1
  • Max bet $, €, £: 100
  • Features: Burst (Crash, Bustabit-like) Mechanic, Random multiplier
  • Objects: Airplane
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Mobile: Yes
  • Technology: JS, HTML5
  • Game Size: 2.6 MB
  • Last Update: 17.01.2023

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