The Hottest Crash Casino Games – The New iGaming Craze

The curve crash mechanic games are slowly taking over the online casinos throughout the world. Well, these are the hottest titles at the moment.

Online casino gaming is commonly considered the pinnacle of the iGaming industry, and one of the main reasons why this is the case is definitely the online slots. From here, considering the fast-paced evolution of technology each year, it is only natural that even the high-tech online slots will evolve into something completely different. Well, it seems like the future is already here, considering that ever since curve crash mechanic casino games entered the market, online casino gaming has never been the same, being that they are noted as the hottest games in the iGaming industry in the past couple of years.

While several components make the Curve Crash casino games stand out among their online counterparts, it all boils down to the fact that this type of game puts special emphasis on the social aspect of the game. This includes a wide array of unique tools and features, however, nothing comes close to the multiplayer and the live chat for the players, which consequently is why this type of casino gaming is one of the most popular options throughout online casinos around the globe.

Aside from the improved multiplayer features and the unpredictable nature, the other main reason why these games stand out is that they are not your average online slot. Meaning, that these games do not employ any reels, paylines, or symbols, for that matter. All you get is a flying object, usually a plane or a rocket, and an ever-increasing coefficient, which is different for each game separately. It is totally up to you whether you want a later cash out with big money, yet with higher risks of crashing, or a safe one, but with a significantly lower coefficient, i.e. prize.

Being that the era of games that use the crush curve mechanics is just getting started, we decided to comprise a list of the most popular social crash games that are currently played on the internet. And this is what we found.


When it comes to the most played and hottest crash casino games, there is hardly a title that can compete with the absolutely amazing Aviator. Even though all of these games use the lucrative curve crash mechanics, the Aviator is by far the most popular of them all. The first thing that makes this game stand out from the competition is the interface, i.e. the design.

Thanks to its simplistic, yet innovative concept, it is clear as day that Spribe, the studio that developed this mega-popular game,  decided to put special emphasis on the social multiplayer features. Consequently, this automatically makes anyone who plays the Aviator a part of its large community, where each member gets access to some rather interesting features.

  • Chat Room: perfect for making new friends, discussing tactics, exchanging GIFs and emojis, and sharing game statistics via integrated tools.
  • Free Bets: play for free and claim free bets, promotions and giveaways
  • Live Bets: monitor the gaming activity, i.e. wagers of other players along with the coefficients
  • Live Statistics: 24/7 access to the overall leaderboard and all past multipliers up to a year
  • Rain Promo: once in a blue moon the casino will add random free bets in the chat, you just click to claim
  • Aviarace Tournaments: access to an array of tournaments where the players with the most points will get cash rewards, special prizes, free bets, etc.

With that being said, one of the reasons why the Aviator is so popular, as with most of the games that use the crash curve mechanics for that matter, is because it is quite simple to understand, and just as exciting to play. More specifically, the game starts with a little red airplane that prepares to take off. As soon as it is up in the air, an ever-increasing coefficient that begins at 1x starts to grow, and it doesn’t stop until the plane eventually takes off out of sight. The goal of this game is to choose the right moment to click cash out, being that if you miss your chance and the plane manages to take off before you click the button, you will lose your bet.

Yet, if we take into account that the more you postpone clicking the cash-out button, the higher the coefficient goes, and consequently the higher the potential winnings, then you are left to decide whether you are willing to risk it by letting the plane fly or make a safe, yet insubstantial win by cashing out on some of the lower coefficients. Consequently, the exciting and unpredictable nature, the instant wins, and the countless multiplayer features are what make the Aviator the hottest crash curve game ever since it first emerged on the scene.

  • Provider: Spribe
  • RTP: 97%
  • Features: Random multiplier, Burst Mechanics
  • Object: Airplane
  • Mobile Version: Yes
  • Release Date: 31.05.2021

Lucky Jet

Very similar to the mighty Aviator, the Lucky Jet game relies on the same curve crash mechanics and is also one of the hottest of all casino games from that genre, which is why it consequently ended up on this list. Only unlike its competitor, Lucky Jet has Lucky Joe as the main protagonist. and the hero that will multiply your coefficient. Same as before, the goal here is to cash out before Lucky Joe manages to fly off-screen and wait as much as possible in order to get the best possible coefficient. However, you shouldn’t wait too long, because just as with the airplane in the Aviator, if Lucky Joe takes off before you click, then your bet will be gone as well. 

  • Auto Bet/Auto Withdrawal: reserved for more advanced players with proven strategies
  • Odds History: access to the history of the latest odds, perfect for monitoring the frequency of the highest coefficients 
  • Game Activity: see the exact number of players their bets and their winnings in real time
  • Statistics: access to both your own and the other players’ statistics, including bets, most frequent coefficients, winnings, etc.
  • Chat Room
Lucky Jet

In addition to some rather ingenious features and tools that we will get to in a couple of minutes, one thing that we believe deserves special attention is the fairness of these types of games. Both the Aviator and the Lucky Jet, and basically all of the contenders for today, guarantee absolute impartiality, and this is guaranteed by the latest Provability Fair algorithm which already has become the norm for these types of games.

Moreover, this algorithm generates a certain winning coefficient (the moment when Lucky Joe takes off), and this resets before the start of each new round. The most important thing here to remember is that the online casino has absolutely no way of controlling this number, which is what makes this type of gaming truly exciting.

  • Provider: AvrovVApps
  • RTP: 97%
  • Features: Random multiplier, Burst mechanics
  • Object: Person – Lucky Joe
  • Mobile Version: Yes
  • Release Date: 25.11. 2021


One of the latest additions to the family of hottest curve crash casino games, in terms of mechanics at least, is the Rocketman. And while there is absolutely no difference whatsoever between the Rocketman and the other games on this list, it still nevertheless deserves to be mentioned in an entirely separate paragraph. For one, it comes with an entirely different flying object, a rocket, and as a result, the movement of the object is straight upwards, unlike the gradual ascension that the airplane in the aviator makes, for example.

  • Wide Area Jackpot: a chance to win the massive wide-area jackpot that can drop at any time and any place
  • Local Progressive Jackpots: choose between two progressive jackpots, “Rocketpot” and “Boosterpot” 
  • Promo Credits: get promo credits either via the backoffice, or linked via API to your bouncing platform system
  • Free Bets: win free bets depending on your stake
  • Autoplay Feature: reserved for players with proven strategies, this feature will save you a great amount of time, and consequently money
  • Autocashout: set an automatic multiplayer cash-out, so that when the multiplier reaches your number it will automatically ask for a cash-out
  • Chat Room

Furthermore, the Rocketman can also be easily distinguished just by looking at its unique design, since it employs a somewhat cartoonish theme, unlike the Aviator where you get a bit more serious vibe. However, the biggest asset of Rocketman is definitely the win potential, which is a whopping 20.000 times your stake. Yes, you read that right, the multiplier at Rocketman starts at 1x, and goes all the way up to 20.000x your stake, which makes for one of the craziest coefficients that you will ever see.

  • Provider: Elbet
  • RTP: 97%
  • Features: Random multiplier, Burst mechanics
  • Object: Rocket
  • Mobile Version: Yes
  • Release Date: 08.02.2022


When we speak of the hottest crash curve casino games ever, we have to give credit where credit is due and mention one of the most influential editions of this genre, Jet X. In fact, Jet X was created almost two years prior to the release of the Aviator, which only goes to show that it probably served as the inspiration for the majority of the crash casino games that have emerged ever since. And while it does share quite a few similarities with all other members on this list, Jet X has several rather unique features of its own.

One big reason why many players still prefer Jet X over the other crash games is the deposit flexibility. Where most games allow you to deposit either $100 or $200, Jet X gives you the chance to wager between $0.01 and $600 each hand, which is absolutely convenient by any standards. 

  • Infinite Winning Coefficient
  • High Deposit Flexibility
  • Improved Autobet Functionality
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Progressive Jackpot
Jet X

In addition, Jet X is also very popular due to the fact that it comes with a progressive jackpot, something that many of its competitors fail to match. The so-called Galaxy Jackpot is totally random, meaning that it can drop literally anytime, and the only condition to be eligible for the jackpot is to make a wager of at least $1.

Yet, by far the most amazing feature of Jet X is the fact that the winning coefficient ranges from 0 to infinity. This not only makes Jet X one of the most generous crash casino games of all time, but it also makes the gaming process much more interesting, being that each new take-off means a new chance for someone to break the record for the highest winning coefficient. This, paired with the remarkable deposit flexibility and the progressive jackpot is what makes Jet X one of the go-to crash casino games currently in existence.

  • Provider: Smartsoft Gaming
  • RTP: N/A
  • Features: Random Multiplier, Burst Mechanics, Progressive Jackpot
  • Object: Jet Plane
  • Mobile Version: Yes
  • Release Date: 24.01.2019


Rocketon is one of the crash curve casino games that simply had to be mentioned in this exclusive list of the hottest of them all. And while it sure does come with the same mechanics and concept, there are still some things that Rocketon does differently from the competition. And when it comes to features that are impossible to match, there is hardly anything that can beat the double bet feature.

Unlike most curve crash casino games, Rocketon gives you the opportunity to make two bets simultaneously, which needless to say doubles your chances to hit a big win. However, this also means that should you miscalculate and allow the jet to crash before clicking the cash-out button, you will suffer a double loss.

  • Double Bet Feature
  • First Game With Ract.js Front-End Development 
  • New And Improved Autobet Feature
  • Plethora of Multiplayer Features
  • Detailed Statistics

Furthermore, Rocketon can also brag with what is probably one of the more captivating designs out of all games of this genre, since it tries to emulate a real rocket as much as possible, unlike the cartoonish approach that many other providers tend to make. Even the description on the official website of Rocketon states that this is the only title of Digitain that was created by using React.js for its front-end development, ensuring that you get nothing but the finest graphics.

Additionally, Rocketon also comes with an improved auto bet functionality, which means that you get much-needed improved flexibility and efficiency when setting the automated multiplier cash-out feature. 

  • Provider: Digitain
  • RTP: 97%
  • Features: Random multiplier, Burst mechanics, Double Bet
  • Object: Rocket
  • Mobile Version: Yes
  • Release Date: 09.01.2020

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