• 5,000 x Your Bet Max Win
  • Multipliers
  • Free Bets
  • 5 Bets At The Same Time
  • Free Bets On Free Bets
  • No Wilds

Paper Lanterns Crash Game

Introducing Paper Lanterns Crash Game by Mascot Gaming, a game that sets the night sky ablaze. This debut is poised to revolutionize the realm of online casinos, offering players a dynamic betting experience like never before. Taking inspiration from the insanely popular genre of crash games, Paper Lanterns Crash Game comes with a new and exciting twist to an already proven concept, which is nothing short of revolutionary and innovative! 

Paper Lanterns is a visually captivating game that will instantly teleport you to a magical Eastern garden, where the air is filled with the fragrance of delicate sakura blossoms and the allure of hidden treasures. Or simply put, you will be teleported to a realm where paper lanterns sway, ready to illuminate the night, creating an atmosphere of both peaceful serenity and eager anticipation.

As you immerse yourself in the heart-pounding gameplay, you’ll become entranced by the serene scene of cherry blossoms playfully wafting from the boughs, offering an idyllic backdrop for your gaming odyssey.

paper lanterns


Undeniably, the most important part of Paper Lanterns is the dynamic multiplier, which is in constant motion, crashing unpredictably. This unique feature is what makes this game so suspenseful and exciting, being that you can place between 1 to five 5 bets at the same time, each of them coming with its own ascending win rate. The goal here is quite simple and straightforward. Have the skill and luck to predict when the win rate will peak and claim your hefty winnings before the lanterns crash. 

And with the potential for a maximum win of a whopping 5,000 times your stake, you truly have a chance to win big. Very big! Be aware though, as this is a game based on the notorious crash curve mechanics, which consequently means that any mistimed bets will result in a loss. 

What makes Paper Lanterns stand out from pretty much any other crash game out there is the revolutionary feature called Free Bets. More specifically, for every single bet that you place, you can earn anywhere from 1 to 5 Free Bets. These Free Bets can randomly materialize during any upswing in the winnings rate, provided players successfully collect their winnings before the round ends. And since you can get a maximum of five Free Bets from just one bet, the potential for bigger winnings and prolonged gameplay are pretty much limitless.

paper lanterns
  • 1 to 5 bets simultaneously 
  • Increasing winning coefficient up to 5,000
  • Up to 5 free bets with each launch
  • Bet All/ Collect All

Yet, this is not all! Paper Lanterns can get even better and more rewarding, being that it grants you the chance to win extra Free Bets during the ongoing Free Bet feature. Not only does this add an extra level of excitement and fun, but it also makes each new attempt both more enticing and rewarding than the previous one! 

paper lanterns

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that crash curve games are nothing new, we can confidently say that Mascot are reshaping the landscape with Paper Lanterns. This is due to one simple, yet game-changing feature – the free bets!

It transcends mere gaming; it’s an enchanting voyage into the realm of unforeseeable multipliers, Free Bets, and the captivating charm of age-old Eastern customs.

Mascot Gaming have definitely outdone themselves with Paper Lanterns Crash Game, and what is even more impressive is that they managed to hit a bullseye with their very first attempt at the popular crash curve genre.

With this in mind, we can only hope that Mascot will surprise us with another release from this ever-popular genre!

Play Paper Lanterns Crash Game

  • Provider: Mascot Gaming
  • Release Date: 10.10.2023 
  • Type: Crash Curve 
  • RTP: 95.62%
  • Variance: High
  • Min bet $, €, £: 0.1 
  • Max bet $, €, £: 
  • Features: Burst (Crash, Bustabit-like) Mechanic, Random multiplier 
  • Objects: Lantern
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Mobile: Yes 
  • Technology: JS, HTML5 
  • Game Size: 7.3 MB 
  • Last Update: 09.09.2023

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