Aviator: The Crash Game That Changed The iGaming Industry

Aviator is an absolutely amazing online casino game that inspired basically every other title from the popular crash curve genre!

aviator game

Straight to the point, Aviator is a unique online casino game that forever changed the world of iGaming as we know it. The reason why Aviator is so popular and groundbreaking is that it offers an entirely different casino experience when compared to the tens of thousands of online slots out there. And this is thanks to the simple fact that Aviator belongs to the crash curve type of games that are taking over the iGaming scene even as we speak.

Created by one of the most innovative game developers in the business, Spribe, Aviator takes the “standard” online casino entertainment to a whole new level. And the best part is that it manages to do so without losing any of the trademarks of the online slots, such as the excitement and the rewarding prowess. In fact, it is safe to say that Aviator takes all of these things and cranks them up a notch, even bringing something extra to the table.

This results in a highly innovative format that is sure to engage you right from the very first time you play this game. Especially if we take into account how simple and easy to learn crash games are. All you need in order to be successful in this game is good timing, and just as in any casino game, a little bit of luck.

The goal of Aviator is quite simple. All you need to do in order to win is to anticipate the exact time to cash out, and you are golden. More specifically, the game starts with a little red airplane that is getting ready to take off, with a coefficient of 1x your bet. The more time the airplane spends taking off, the more the coefficient grows, and consequently the bigger the win should you cash out.

However, be aware, no one knows the exact time when the plane will take off. Consequently, it all boils down to guessing the exact time to cash out before the airplane leaves the screen. Needless to say, if you miss your chance, you will lose your money.

Aviator is all about testing your luck and anticipation skills. Yet, the thing we like the most about Aviator is the social, i.e. interactive aspect of the game. This includes a list of features that allow you to be a part of a large community of like-minded aviators, some of which include a live chat, live bets, rain promo, aviarace tournaments, etc.

This is why the best way to fully experience what type of game Aviator actually is, as well as learn the crash curve genre first-hand, is to see for yourself. Especially if you are not familiar with this type of casino gaming. We guarantee that you will find Aviator a real breath of fresh air, and one of the most ingenious online casino games you have seen in quite a while.

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