Wyoming Makes Sports Betting Legal

Wyoming has finally made sports betting legal, opening new market possibilities in the US gambling scene.

The gambling market in the USA is a hot topic in the past couple of years. And that is definitely due to the fact that more and more US states are beginning to legalize online gambling altogether. Especially given the almost unlimited potential that this market has. In addition to the vast number of customers as well. Hence, Wyoming is the latest in the list of US states that finally made sports betting legal. And that may seem like a small thing, but if you are familiar with the US gambling scene then you know that this is a big victory.

The legislation was finalized after a second vote. More precisely, Governor Mark Gordon signed House Bill 0133 into law on the 5th of April 2021. However, it is good to mention that this bill actually didn’t pass on the first vote. It wasn’t until the second vote, that the bill was passed with 32 for, and 28 against. Additionally, it also passed the Senate vote with a margin of 24 for, and 5 against. Thus marking a new era in the Wyoming gambling scene.

Furthermore, with this bill, the WGC( Wyoming Gaming Commission) will regulate all sports betting. Of course, there will be licenses available to vendors who exclusively operate in at least 3 US jurisdictions. Consequently, the sports betting license will have a validity period of 5 years and will cost $100.000. The fee for renewing the said license is $50.000. Operators should be aware since there is also a 10% monthly tax. This tax is for all revenue that will accumulate from online sports betting. Moreover, the Commission has until the 1st of September to create and present valid legislation for controlling sports betting in Wyoming.

For the regular gambling fanatic, this is excellent news. Especially if you are a US player, who knows a thing or two about gambling restrictions. That is why every such news is usually a big deal. Today it is Wyoming that makes sports betting legal. Tomorrow can be any other state. Meaning that the hard-penetrating US gambling scene is finally beginning to crack. Consequently, we constantly hear about new business ventures between igaming giants and US gambling-affiliated companies. Add the fact that more and more states legislate online gambling, and it only confirms our suspicion. That soon enough, we may have the full potential of the US gambling scene unleashed.

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