These Are The Top And Most Prestigious iGaming Awards In The Industry

The Top iGaming Awards

Needless to say, when it comes to awards, there is hardly a better way to get recognition for all of the hard work that you’ve been putting into developing your business. Regardless of your niche and business sector, being called one of the best in your industry is definitely one of the best feelings that you can experience, and certainly one of the biggest motivators to work even harder to justify that trust. This is something that we’ve experienced first-hand, being that winning the AffPapa award for casino affiliate of the year only made us work even harder so that we can show that this was no accident whatsoever. Well, with that being said, we decided to comprise a list of the top and most prestigious iGaming awards that you can win in our beloved industry.

SBC Awards

Dubbed the biggest B2B iGaming news outlet in the industry, the Sports Betting Community (SBC) organizes one of the biggest and most visited annual events in the world, and their prestigious awards are definitely no exception to this. From here, it is only natural that the SBC annual awards are rightfully considered one of the top recognitions you can get in the iGaming industry. Known for bringing together the creme de la creme of the iGaming world, what started out as an award ceremony with little over 10 categories slowly turned into one of the biggest online gambling shows on the planet with 40 categories for online gambling operators at the moment of writing.

SBC Awards

Being that SBC frequently organizes some of the best iGaming events throughout the globe, it is no wonder that this operator is also known for hosting some of the most prestigious awards as well where in order to win one must truly excel in its field of work. As a result of the massive following and attendance, as well as being the iGaming event with the biggest number of awards/categories, the SBC is rightfully considered one of the biggest honours that an iGaming operator can ever win, regardless of their niche or role in the beautiful iGaming industry.

  • First SBC Awards: 2014
  • Frequency: Annual
  • Categories: 40 
  • Top Awards: “Casino Operator of the Year”, “Sportsbook of the Year”, “Best Mobile Operator of the Year”, “Esports Operator of the Year”, “Best Affiliate Program”, “Payment Provider of the Year”, “Crypto Gaming Operator of the Year”

EGR Awards

It is fair to say that the eGaming Review (EGR) awards are one of the top iGaming awards that you can currently win in the online gambling industry. In fact, it doesn’t take much exploring to realize that EGR is frequently on the top lists of the best and most prestigious iGaming awards regardless of the media outlet. This means that EGR puts special emphasis on determining nothing but the finest and award-worthy operators that this industry has to offer, which exclusively includes brands that excel in innovation, operations, advanced marketing strategies, and consequently, progressive business growth.

EGR Awards

Needless to say, winning any of the EGR awards is sure to elevate your brand and put you on the global iGaming map, which is why winning an EGR award is one of the best things that can happen to an iGaming operator. Especially if we take into account that EGR is one of the oldest in the business to give out awards, then it is no wonder why winning an award from this distinguished operator is already considered one of the best ways to establish your brand as a leading venture in the world of iGaming.

  • First EGR Awards: 2010
  • Frequency: Annual
  • Categories: 28
  • Top Awards: “Casino Operator”, “Football Betting Operator”, “eSports Operator”, “Bingo Operator”, “Affiliate Program”, “Crypto Operator”, “Slots Operator”,  “Game of the Year”,  “Sports Betting Operator”

SiGMA Awards

The SiGMA iGaming awards need no further introduction simply because of the global presence that this operator has throughout all corners of the globe, and this is what makes them one of the top and most prestigious in the entire industry. In fact, you will hardly find an operator that organizes iGaming events and awards with a bigger global outreach than the one SiGMA has, and due to this, it is only natural to expect such a brand to be issuing the most respected awards in the industry.

SiGMA Awards

This means that all of the nominees, and especially the winners, are meticulously hand-picked by the SiGMA iGaming professionals, which guarantees that only the most innovative, hard-working, and creative affiliates and operators get a chance to win one of the amazing SiGMA awards. Consequently, winning an award from one of the biggest iGaming event planners and awards organizers such as SiGMA is one of the best ways to enter the global online gambling spotlight, and a sure way to success.

  • First SiGMA Awards: 2014
  • Frequency: Annual – Worldwide: Europe, CIS, Asia, Americas, Africa
  • Categories: 32
  • Top Awards: “Online Casino Operator of the Year”, “Sportsobok Operator of the Year”, “Casino Operator of the Year”, “Live Casino Provider of the Year”, “Online Sportsbook Provider of the Year”, “Online Payment Provider of the Year”, “Affiliate of the Year”

AffPapa iGaming Awards

While a bit “younger” than the other iGaming brands on this list of top iGaming awards, AffPapa is not to be taken lightly. In fact, it is fair to say that AffPapa has already established itself as one of the best, and consequently one of the most respected iGaming affiliate directories and operators in the world. Thanks to its dedication to nurturing and elevating the world of iGaming affiliates, today AffPapa is globally recognized as one of the best not just for creating top iGaming content, news, and unique insights, but the company also enjoys a reputation as one of the most transparent operators out there.

AffPapa Awards

Especially when it comes to determining which operator deserves to win an award. Consequently, this level of respect and the ability to spot talents in the making is what makes the AffPapa iGaming Awards one of the biggest honours that you can win as an iGaming operator. Due to this, we definitely believe that the AffPapa awards have the potential to become one of the top three iGaming recognitions in the years to come.

  • First AffPapa Awards: 2022
  • Frequency: Annual
  • Categories: 23
  • Top Awards: “Casino Operator of the Year”, “Live Casino of the Year”, “Sportsbook Operator of the Year”, “eSports Operator of the Year”, “Casino Affiliate of the Year”, “Crypto Operator of the Year”, “Branding of the Year”, “Sports Affiliate of the Year”

IGA Awards

The International Gaming Awards are one of the first iGaming awards ever, which is a reason to end up on this rather prestigious list. However, aside from being recognized as one of the oldest, the IGA is also referred to as the “Oscars of the world of iGaming” which goes to show that we have a case of a rather unique manifestation which is definitely no accident. Known for bringing all verticals of the ever-expanding world of online gambling, the IGA has a reputation of being one of the most thorough, strict, and dedicated award organizers simply because of how much they require from an operator in order to end up winning one of their distinguished awards.

IGA Awards

Consequently, the IGA is reserved for both online and land-based operators from all over the world, which goes to show the influence of this operator on the iGaming scene. I mean, all it takes is one look at their prominent media outlet, the iGaming Post, and the over 1000 global readers that they have daily, and you realize how important are the International Gaming Awards on a global scale.

  • First IGA Awards: 2008
  • Frequency: Annual
  • Categories: 33
  • Top Awards: “Casino Operator”, “Game of the Year”, “Innovator of the Year”, “iGaming Software Supplier”, “Live Casino of the Year”, “Rising Star of the Year”, “Sports Betting Operator of the Year”, “Sustainability of the Year”

GGA Awards

Known as one of the most respectable and trustworthy iGaming awards in the industry, the Global Gaming Awards, or GGA, is easily one of the biggest recognitions that an operator can receive, regardless of whether they operate in their online or the physical realm. In fact, the GGA has built a reputation that painstakingly monitors pretty much all the verticals that gambling has to offer in all corners of the world. This level of dedication to determining which operators deserve to be called the best of the best, as well as the fact that it operates with the sole purpose of issuing iGaming awards and recognitions is what makes the Global Gaming Awards one of the best things that can happen to any gaming business.

GGA Awards

With that being said, the influence and reach of the Global Gaming Awards are so vast and influential, that this organization holds two separate annual events, in three of the biggest and most important cities in the world of gambling. The first is the GGA awards in London, UK, which have the goal of selecting the best iGaming operators that the UK and Europe have to offer. The second is held in the Mecca of gambling as we know it, Las Vegas and this event put a special focus on the iGaming scene in both North and South America. The third and last addition to the GGA iGaming events is held in Singapore, to find the best operators that Asia has to offer.

  • First IGA Awards: 2014
  • Frequency: AnnualWorldwide: Europe, North America, Asia
  • Categories: 15
  • Top Awards: “Casino”, “Online Casino”, “Online Sports Betting Supplier”, “Online Sports Betting”, “Payments Solution”, “Affiliate Program”, “Executive”

iGB Affiliate Awards

While most of these prestigious iGaming awards revolve around operators and software providers, the iGB is one of the handful of organizations that put special emphasis on the affiliates in this industry. In fact, iGB is one of the few organizations that have enough credibility to determine the best affiliate operators in the world of online gambling and is definitely the oldest of them all. I mean, you don’t get called the “Oscars of the iGaming Affiliate Sector” for nothing. With the first iGB award event held way back in 2008, we can confidently say that this is the biggest honour that an iGaming affiliate operator can get, together with the newly founded AffPapa awards. Held annually in London, the UK, iGB Affiliates have more than enough experience and value to be called the leading iGaming affiliate organization.

iGB Affiliate Awards

Aside from iGB Affiliate London, the company also organizes iGB Affiliate Amsterdam, which is the second of the two largest affiliate events that you can attend. The iGB awards all members of the affiliate online gambling community, and it is almost exclusively known for being the vessel that puts affiliate operators on the map. Needless to state the obvious, in the vast sea of ever-expanding affiliate operators, iGB is all about filtering the best of the best by using its decades-long experience and hand-picking the affiliates that stand out from the competition. This means that in order to win one of the distinguished iGB awards, one must push the limits of creative marketing, tactical innovation as well as progressive growth for 365 days of the year. 

  • First iGB Affiliate Awards: 2008
  • Frequency: Annual – Europe
  • Categories: 21
  • Top Awards: “Best Casino Affiliate”, “Best Sports Betting Affiliate”, “Best Crypto Affiliate”, “Lifetime Achievement Award”, “Marketing Campaign Of The Year”, “Best Affiliate Programme”, “Best Affiliate Network”

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