Another Legend Prepares To Depart: The Casino Room Stops Offering Its Services After 17 Long Years

Gamblers Connect is sad to inform our readers that as of June, the Casino Room will cease all operations, and as a result, it will shut down and no longer be offering its services. It is always a sad day whenever we have to bid farewell to a member of the online casino industry, being that we believe that each and every operator, regardless of the department, is equally essential to our market. Well, this sorrow amplifies even further when we talk about the shut down of an online casino that exists since the early days of online gambling, being that the Casino Room was established way back in 2005.

Known for the ability to always stay ahead of the current, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Casino Room was one of the top operators for quite a long time. Especially during the 2010s, the decade when this casino reached its peak. Consequently, the cutting edge safety features, the rewarding promotions and the overall player-first approach are what maintained the Casino Room among the best of the best, which needless to say is quite a challenging and exhausting task. Unfortunately, all of this came to an abrupt end, after the Casino Room announced its departure from the iGaming industry, after 17 long years of successfully navigating the online casino market.

Despite losing such a quality casino operator, we need to remain professional, and inform any of our players with accounts at the Casino Room, to start the procedure of withdrawing the funds that they may have on their balance. Moreover, if any of our readers stumble upon any issues such as trouble contacting the customer support team, or the casino refusing to let you withdraw the funds on your balance, just go to the designated Gamblers Connect Complaints Department, file an official complaint, and simply wait for our team to handle the problem for you.

Despite the fact that it will shut down, Casino Room will go down in history as an online casino that served as an inspiration for many of the modern online casino operators that we are used to seeing today. But most importantly, it will be remembered as one of those online casinos that specialized in keeping its customers happy 24/7, 365 days a year. And when it comes to the iGaming industry, it is all about keeping the people happy, something that many operators fail to realize until it’s too late.

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