SiGMA Europe In The Mecca Of The World Of iGaming – Malta


It is with great excitement that we announce what is known as one of the biggest and most important iGaming events on the face of the earth, the SiGMA Europe which is going to take place in Malta, MFCC. The reason why this is dubbed as the most exciting iGaming event by SiGMA World, and with that one of the biggest iGaming summits on the planet is not just because Malta is considered the Mecca of iGaming, but also because this is where SiGMA organized the very first iGaming event that forever changed the global gaming stage.

As one of the first European countries to regulate all gambling verticals, as well as being the birthplace of all technological and regulatory advancements, it is no wonder that Malta is considered one of the quintessential pillars not just on the European iGaming scene, but also on a global level. And if we take into account that most of the online gambling operators originate and operate from the Maltese archipelago, then it should come as no surprise whatsoever why SiGMA decided to go back to its roots and organize the SiGMA Europe event in Malta. 

Unlike most iGaming events that on average last for a couple of days, the SiGMA Europe in Malta is going to be a week-long event that has a single purpose in mind – bring together the most prominent leaders and c-level decision makers of the industry, and provide them with the perfect platform to network, brainstorm, as well as access to state-of-the-art workshops and speakers. This also includes some of the biggest titans of the iGaming scene that represent all sectors of the iGaming industry including operators, affiliates, suppliers, and most importantly, entrepreneurs and investors that are constantly looking for new ways to invest, and consequently, re-shape this multi-billion dollar industry that is the iGaming sector.

Just listen to this elite speaking panel that is going to take the stage in Malta:

  • Robert Abela – Prime Minister of Malta
  • Silvio Schembri – Minister for Economy and Industry of Malta
  • Pontus Lindwall – CEO of Betsson AB
  • Fat Joe – Award-Winning Artist
  • Nick Spanos – Founder of Bitcoin Center NYC
  • Rhiannon Burns – CCO of Zimpler

Moreover, the SiGMA Europe summit will be much more than an incredible iGaming event. In fact, in addition to providing a platform for networking and creating ever-lasting partnerships, SiGMA will use Malta as the perfect place to award the best of the best in the world of iGaming. That is right, in light of SiGMA Europe, SiGMA World will once again organize one of its spectacular gaming galas, where the leading operator will give recognition to all of the giants of the industry for innovation and achievement, i.e. to all the shakers and movers of the future of the iGaming industry.

From here, and considering the magnitude and importance of SiGMA Europe, we invite everyone that is even remotely considered to the world of iGaming to take the time and be a part of this magnificent manifestation. Not only will you get the chance to expand your contacts and brand visibility, but you will also get to do it in the Mecca of the world of gambling, the beautiful and sunny island of Malta. We know we will! All the best, and see you in Malta!

  • Date: 14-18 November
  • Location: Malta, MFCC (North Gate)

SiGMA World in Malta

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