SiGMA Group Obtains Majority Stake In iGaming Academy


The iGaming behemoth SiGMA Group has obtained a majority stake in iGaming Academy, a company that provides specialist training for gaming businesses in more than 25 jurisdictions, and to 60,000+ gaming professionals annually, making it the largest company of its kind.

The acquisition of iGaming Academy will see the already-impressive status of the SiGMA Group as a leading iGaming brand cement even further, and just as importantly, add the finishing touch to the iGaming Academy’s portfolio by giving it a platform to present its services via the massive global network of the SiGMA Group.

The acquisition comes at a perfect time for us. We’ve been working closely with iGaming Academy for many years now. I love what Jaime and the Conexus Group have built and look forward to supporting this growth with new initiatives and a wider offering of educational programs globally. The industry is crying out for more talent and regulatory insight, with new markets continuing to regulate. As a result, we want to be very active in this business.

Eman Pulis – Founder of SiGMA Group

Despite SiGMA obtaining a majority stake, the iGaming Academy with proceed to work with its current management team, with Jaime Debono remaining at the helm as the company’s CEO, proceeding to work alongside his team.

In addition to keeping the current structure of the company, the SiGMA Group will also support the iGaming Academy via its marketing arm and corporate governance, giving the company access to its vast network of logistics and experience that will further bolster the Academy’s reputation on a global level.

This acquisition marks a major milestone for iGaming Academy – our mission has also been to educate the industry – both on key regulatory compliance topics as well as vocational training for existing and new markets. With the support of SiGMA Group, we will be able to accelerate this strategy through their global event calendar, enrich both training and event content and reach a much wider audience than ever before.

Jaime Debono – CEO at iGaming Academy

Consequently, as a result of the acquisition, the iGaming Academy is preparing to open up an office in Cyprus where it will develop its content development and online offering, in addition to increasing its revenue streams via new affiliate partner deals.

Lastly, the iGaming Academy will also extend its educational offer by making even more courses available in multiple languages, a move that is meant to meet the global demand for specialist training, something that seems imperative especially since the company now has the opportunity to tap into the worldwide network of the SiGMA Group.

Founded in 2014 by Eman Pulis, SiGMA orchestrates iGaming events across 5 continents, has more than 100 employees, and coordinates its operations from a global web of offices namely in Malta, Cyprus, Manila, São Paolo and Belgrade.

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