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In the ever-evolving realm of betting and gaming, staying informed about industry trends and developments is paramount. SBC Media, a distinguished news and media specialist within the betting and gaming sector, has taken a dynamic step by introducing a new daily Spotify podcast titled ‘iGaming Daily’. This captivating podcast is set to deliver an incisive analysis of the most significant stories shaping the industry, transcending geographical boundaries to provide a comprehensive perspective.

The brainchild of the accomplished SBC Multimedia Editor, James Ross, ‘iGaming Daily’ boasts a lineup of experts drawn from SBC’s extensive network of news portals and beyond. This illustrious team of voices brings a diverse range of insights to the table. A distinctive feature of the podcast is its seamless rotation through different industry verticals and geographic regions, ranging from the vibrant landscape of Europe to the thriving markets of the United States and Latin America. This broad scope ensures that the show encapsulates the entire spectrum of the betting and gaming universe.

Each episode of ‘iGaming Daily’ is enriched by the presence of relevant experts. These experts include luminaries such as SBC News Editor Ted Menmuir, the astute Head of LatAm Media Lucía Mouriño, the discerning CasinoBeats Editor Craig Davies, the insightful SBC Americas Editor Jessica Welman, SBC Managing Director Andrew McCarron, and the skilled SBC Senior Media Manager Martyn Elliott. The podcast also welcomes a distinguished ensemble of Senior Journalists, featuring the likes of Ted Orme-Claye, Charlie Horner, Conor Porter, Isadora Marcante, and Fernando Noodt, among others.

James Ross, the architect behind this innovative project, exudes excitement about the journey ahead. The challenge of a daily podcast was substantial, yet the team’s unwavering dedication shines through as they consistently uncover new and engaging topics from across the globe. Ross shares his gratification in witnessing the latest episode of ‘iGaming Daily’ populating podcast feeds each day, underscoring the team’s commitment to delivering fresh and thought-provoking content.

SBC Managing Director Andrew McCarron provides insightful commentary on the significance of this podcast. He acknowledges the abundance of podcasts available but emphasizes that ‘iGaming Daily’ stands out as a truly global offering. Leveraging the expansive editorial team within the industry’s B2B space, this podcast extends its reach to provide unparalleled news and insights across a diverse range of media platforms.

With a rhythm set to the beat of each day, ‘iGaming Daily’ presents an array of captivating episodes. The podcast finds its audience during the early evening hours in Europe and the mid-morning hours in the Eastern time zone. The guest list spans the globe, encompassing voices from the UK, Malta, Spain, the USA, Argentina, Brazil, and even live recordings from prominent SBC Events, including SBC Summit North America, CasinoBeats Summit, SBC Summit Latinoamérica, and SBC Summit Barcelona.

‘iGaming Daily’ promises to be a wellspring of expert analysis, offering live insights and fresh perspectives on the most groundbreaking stories shaping the realms of betting and gaming. From pivotal regulatory updates to significant mergers and acquisitions, noteworthy appointments and departures, and a host of other industry-transforming narratives, this podcast guarantees a thorough exploration of the ever-evolving landscape.

Tune in to ‘iGaming Daily’ for your daily industry insights. You can catch the podcast on various platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. For those with smart speakers, a simple request will suffice to enjoy the enlightening discussions SBC Media hosts.

In the fast-paced world of betting and gaming, staying informed is an absolute necessity. ‘iGaming Daily’ by SBC on Spotify emerges as a dynamic and enriching resource, offering expert analysis, thought-provoking narratives, and a global outlook on the industry’s most significant developments. With a team of experts spanning the globe, the podcast promises to be an indispensable companion for anyone seeking to remain at the forefront of the betting and gaming landscape.

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