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You probably already know SBC for hosting some of the most significant iGaming events in the business, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Covering all parts of the world, SBC enjoys a reputation as a leading event organizer, bringing the industry together in some of the biggest cities, i.e. iGaming hubs on the planet. However, SBC is not exclusively limited to land-based venues alone. Enter SBC Digital Innovation – Affiliation, an upcoming online iGaming event for iGaming affiliates!

Taking place on the 17th of January, SBC will host Digital Innovation – Affiliation with the purpose of getting the crème de la crème from the iGaming affiliate realm under a single roof, or in this case, in front of their laptop cameras. Given the reputation of SBC in the iGaming world, the participants in this online event are household names representing some of the biggest brands in the industry.

The list includes giants such as Catena Media, Better Collective, Game Lounge, Time2Play, Clever Advertising, OneTwenty Group, Finixio, and yours truly, Gamblers Connect.

That’s right, Gamblers Connect will also take part in this fantastic digital event, where our CEO Gjorgje Ristikj is scheduled to be a keynote speaker and participate in a very gripping subject regarding “The Social Responsibilities Within Affiliate Marketing”.

Make sure to chime in come January 17th, join the live stream, and be a part of the comprehensive discussion of this exciting panel of experts, where the participants will explore effective strategies for affiliates that want to promote their brands responsibly and ethically. It is an excellent chance to witness the intricate way of doing business by the leading iGaming affiliates, including the ethical way of work by Gamblers Connect, made possible by SBC.

The full agenda of the upcoming SBC Digital Innovation -Affiliation:

  • The Secrets of a Well-equipped Affiliate: What’s in Their ‘Toolkit’?
  • How to make your business an acquisition target
  • SEO and all things affiliated
  • The social responsibilities within affiliate marketing
  • Maximising Conversions in the Affiliate Marketing Journey
  • Generative AI – how will chatbot search change the affiliate model?

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