ReadyAffiliates & Trackier Secure Standard Sponsorships at The AffPapa iGaming Club London 2024

Exciting news is coming from the iGaming realm as ReadyAffiliates and Trackier both secure standard sponsorship at the upcoming and highly-anticipated event, the iGaming Club London 2024 courtesy of the leading iGaming directory, AffPapa.

ReadyAffiliates & AffPapa

Despite being fairly new in the business, due to their unique and innovative way of work, ReadyCasino and ReadyAffiliates have already established themselves as respectable brands that put special emphasis on customer service

ReadyAffiliates is proud and excited to support the iGaming Club London 2024. Events of this nature serve as valuable platforms for fostering meaningful connections, presenting innovative products and services, and remaining abreast of the latest trends within the dynamic iGaming sector. Our goal is to further grow relationships with both current and prospective affiliate partners, thereby contributing to the continued success of our network.

Line Peteri – Head of Marketing & Co-Founder at ReadyAffiliates

Due to their commitment to impeccable customer service, ReadyAffiliates and ReadyCasino can brag with an unblemished track record that certainly elevates their status as top-tier brands. This is mainly because their founded by true veterans with extensive knowledge and understanding of the iGaming industry.

Consequently, it all boils down to their innovative approach of “turning players into affiliates”, which in return is the main reason for their fast-paced rise in popularity. Another major indicator of their success, however, is the partnership with AffPapa, a name known for collaborating with nothing but the best of the best.

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to ReadyAffiliates as one of our sponsors for iGaming Club London 2024! Partnering with innovative newcomers in the industry, like ReadyAffiliates, is crucial for us. We value companies that bring fresh perspectives and unwavering commitment to their values. The anticipation is high, and we eagerly look forward to hosting everyone in London for an unforgettable VIP Dinner experience!

Yeva Avagyan – Head of Commercial at AffPapa

Trackier & AffPapa

Another big name that secures standard sponsorship for the exclusive VIP dinner at the iGaming Club London 2024 by AffPapa is Trackier, a move that only cements its dedication to nurturing precious connections in the iGaming vertical.

Trackier is a leading SaaS provider located in India and a company that already built a reputation as an innovative provider of solutions. What is even more impressive is the fact that Trackier has an extensive network of brands in more than 20 countries around the globe.

Trackier is thrilled to announce our collaboration with AffPapa, marking a significant partnership within the dynamic iGaming sector. This collaboration with iGaming Club London 2024, where we are the VIP Dinner sponsors, aims to strengthen connections, showcase innovative solutions, and stay ahead of the latest trends in the industry. Our goal at Trackier is to cultivate and enhance relationships with both our current and potential affiliate partners, contributing to the ongoing success of our iGaming platform.

Udit Verma – Co-Founder and CMO at Trackier

The secret behind the success of Trackier is its ability to merge cutting-edge technology with emphasis on customers relationships, a strategy that greatly empowers global marketers and enables them to produce extraordinary products, prioritize customer privacy, and create exceptional user experiences.

The partnership between AffPapa and Trackier at the upcoming iGaming Club London 2024 promises to introduce Trackier to a broader audience, but more importantly, usher in a dynamic exchange of unique industry insights, present contemporary solutions, and set the platform for new partnerships.

Thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Trackier as our standard sponsor for the VIP dinner at iGaming Club London 2024! Trackier’s solutions and their relentless drive resonate perfectly with the spirit of AffPapa. With just two weeks left until the event, the anticipation is building, and I’m really looking forward to hosting everyone in London for an unforgettable experience of connection and business synergy. Let’s make it one for the books.

Yeva Avagyan – Head of Commercial at AffPapa

Taking place on the 6th of February in the global financial hub that is London, the 2024 edition of the iGaming Club by AffPapa will bring together operators, affiliates, and B2Bs for one of the most exclusive and prestigious VIP networking dinners on the annual iGaming calendar.

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