Pub Kings by Pragmatic Play – Arguably The Best Viking-Themed Slot Ever Created

Pub Kings – enter the world of Vikings and join them in an authentic Viking pub full of rewards and prizes!

pub kings slot

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit a pub from the Viking era? Well, wonder no more. Thanks to Pragmatic Play and their incomparable skill when it comes to creating online slots, now you have the chance. Meet Pub Kings, one of the most captivating and exciting online slots that we reviewed in quite some time.

One of the first things that will strike you when you play Pub Kings for the first time is the lore. Located way up on a mountaintop, Pub Kings depicts the story of a group of Vikings (yourself included), partying and drinking beer/ale after a successful raid probably on European soil.

However, this ingenious lore would be nothing without the skill of Pragmatic Play to create a full-blown slot experience that is followed by high-end graphics, a unique reward system, and absolutely engaging gameplay that will constantly keep you at the edge of your seat.

And when it comes to Pub Kings, believe us when we say that you will have a hard time staying indifferent. The main reason for this lies in the scatters, which are consequently the most important symbol of the game, being that they have a dual, yet very rewarding purpose that includes you getting a hefty prize.

One of these prizes includes the Random Rewards system, which is so rare and bespoke, that you will have a hard time finding another slot with this feature. Another one is the Bonus Round, which is also as rewarding if not more, and it also includes a brilliant symbol collection feature that includes your band of Vikings.

And this is without mentioning the multipliers that come standard in the Bonus Round. However, none of this would be relevant without the whopping max win potential that comes standard with Pub Kings, and that further shows the overall rewarding nature not just of this slot in particular, but of Pragmatic Play.

We could go on for hours about how good Pub Kings is, and how much fun you would have when playing. This is why the best course of action would be to click on the link below, read the full review of Pub Kings, and see why we believe it is one of the best Viking-themed online slots ever created. And this is a Gamblers Connect guarantee!

Read the full review of Pub Kings

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