PayPal Joins LeoVegas Ireland

The latest collaboration between the three giants (PayPal, IGT Gaming and LeoVegas) of the gambling industry is just another proof that quality attracts quality.

The latest news from Ireland about PayPal & IGT Gaming partnering with LeoVegas, one of the leading online casinos globally, is already attracting serious attention. The reason why PayPal joins LeoVegas Ireland is very simple. That is definitely due to the magnitude of the companies that are part of this merger. This is quite obvious, especially if you consider that PayPal is pound for pound the most known online banking option in the world. And that is pretty much the same for LeoVegas and IGT Gaming.

Being that both are the top dogs in their respective industries. Hence, it should come as no surprise whatsoever, as to why PayPal and IGT Gaming chose LeoVegas to enter the Irish online gambling scene.

Using PayPal as a payment option in your favourite casino is one of the easiest operations. You only need to register an account at PayPal. As soon as you do, simply link your payment details with your LeoVegas account. What is most important, all your personal info will be safe in a secure location. One of the perks of dealing with giants such as PayPal and LeoVegas.

And PayPal is not the only one who joins LeoVegas Ireland in a new partnership quest. When you eventually finish this procedure, you are set for tackling some of IGT Gaming greatest titles. Which are now finally and conveniently available for all Irish players, also in LeoVegas. Be sure to check out some of their coolest games such as Da Vinci Diamonds, Cleopatra, Elephant King, Golden Goddess and etc. In other words, get ready for a truly top-of-the-line gaming experience.

There are many reasons why both PayPal and IGT Gaming went for LeoVegas. In fact, this casino operator has been so active in recent times, that it can be quite difficult to track all ventures and awards. And that is just for 2021. To give you an example, this casino just recently won Best Online Casino of The Year at the Global Gaming Awards in London, in 2021. Moreover, they are also part of a select company which is a member of the Netherlands Online Gambling Association. Also since 2021.

Furthermore, in March of 2021, LeoVegas agreed to partner up with Serie A giants A.S. Roma. This deal saw LeoVegas as the club’s official Online Infotainment Partner. Lastly, also in March 2021, LeoVegas acquired Exkpet. For those who are not familiar, Exkpekt is an online gaming company with over 1.8 million customers. And have in mind, this is just in a span of a few months.

To sum it all up, it should come as no surprise that LeoVegas won the prestige Casino of the Year award. Especially if you consider the constant quest to improve and expand in the online gaming scene. Thus making LeoVegas the number one option for PayPal and IGT Gaming to enter Ireland. And considering the reputation of this casino operator, it can only seem like the obvious choice.

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