One Instagram Follower To GameBeat Equals One Euro To GambleAware


GameBeat, a leading iGaming studio, is launching a new Instagram challenge that speaks volumes about the generous nature of the company and its dedication to responsible gambling and player protection called One Follower – One Euro.

Starting on the 23rd of February, GameBeat has launched an initiative where for every new follower/subscriber on the official Instagram account of GamBeat, the company will donate one euro to one of the biggest responsible gambling advocates, GambleAware.

The idea behind this ingenious move by GameBeat is to increase awareness of problem gambling, and consequently, promote healthy responsible gambling habits and safer play practices, highlighting that their captivating online slots should be strictly for entertainment purposes, and not a source of addiction.

This is why GameBeat has decided to take drastic measures and promote responsible gambling with an initiative that will see one euro being donated to GambleAware for each new follower on the official Instagram account of GameBeat.

Moreover, this challenge will be held from February 23rd to March 22nd, and every Friday during this month GameBeat will display the official count of new followers on its official Instagram account, showing the exact number of followers, i.e. funds raised to this noble cause.

At the moment of writing, GameBeat has 1305 followers on Instagram, which is a substantial increase from 1120 back when the challenge was first launched. Both GambleAware and GameBeat are leading entities in their respective fields, which further makes this entire collaboration much more interesting and fruitful. 

As a fierce advocate for responsible gambling, Gamblers Connect fully supports this initiative. Problem gambling in iGaming is particularly sensitive considering that it is done far more discreetly than land-based gaming, and as such, you don’t get to see the players in person.

GameBeat, headquartered and operating in Belgrade, Serbia, has managed to establish itself as a leading software authority in just 3 years since its launch in 2021. This is why this decision to donate funds for each new follower to a reputable organization such as GambleAware is even more impressive than you may think.

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