New York 2024

We are less than one day away from the highly-anticipated New York 2024 courtesy of the brilliant people at the leading event organizer, It goes without saying that any event that takes place in New York is bound to create a buzz, not to mention an iGaming happening that will gather an a-list audience for a 2-day summit.

Promising to be one of the most exciting iGaming summits in North America, the upcoming edition of New York 2024 will host an impressive number of 1200 executives under a single roof, consequently building a bridge for operators with suppliers and start-ups with investors.

What is even more impressive is that has managed to attract a select audience that will consists of 300 operators, 100 start-ups, and a senior crowd of investors, decision-makers, and tier-1 media, brought together to conduct seamless business and shape the future of the iGaming industry.

Tailor-made for the ever-expanding North American market, this edition of New York is a testament to the expansive mindset of the company and perfectly reflects its ability to create iGaming events and attract an a-list audience regardless of the venue.

One beautiful example of this ability is the fact that this is not your average iGaming summit agenda. More specifically, has created the ultimate two-day agenda that is full of fantastic activities such as rooftop drinks, a VIP NBA game event, as well as a scenic run through Downtown New York.

The cherry on top is undeniably the location of the event, as has decided to hold this event in the beautiful Convene at 225 Liberty Street located in Downtown New York, making for the perfect summit at the perfect location.

So, get ready to mingle with the industry’s finest in one of the most desirable cities on the planet, all while enjoying the various amenities and activities that one of the most creative event organizers has prepared.

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