iGX & Gamblers Connect Sign A New Media Partnership

Gamblers Connect presents iGX – a company that organizes some of the most exclusive iGaming events in the world.

We like to think that every new partnership that we forge is equally special and important, given that it gives us a chance to collaborate with other brands from the iGaming industry, expand our network, and improve our platform. One such brand that will undeniably increase our value and global outreach is iGX, the latest partner of Gamblers Connect, and one of the most dedicated event organizers in the iGaming industry.

What makes this collaboration with iGX so special is due to the skills of this operator when it comes to planning, and more importantly, executing iGaming events. iGX enjoys an impressive reputation in the gaming world that is based on its ability to partner up with the leading global iGaming brands from all verticals. This is possible thanks to the exceptional team of iGX that somehow manages to create spectacle after spectacle.

This way of work results in iGX orchestrating some of the hottest events on the planet. However, the reason why each summit of iGX is so sought after is not by accident. This company puts all of its focus on CMOs and top-level leaders in Marketing, Acquisition, and Retention, targeting nothing but the most prominent iGaming brands from all corners of the globe. 

Consequently, this C-level audience, and the diversity of the sectors that it stems from, means that each event by iGX is a unique opportunity for companies to elevate their network and take their businesses to the next level. Even more so if we take into account the elite panel of speakers that is always a given with iGX events, representing the perfect platform to listen to the leaders of the iGaming world share their knowledge and experience.

To put it in even more simple terms, the iGX summits are one of the few places where you can:

  • Connect with more leaders from more top companies than everywhere else
  • More engaging and immersive experiences than anywhere else
  • Special focus on your specific needs better than everywhere else

Even more impressive are all of the ways that iGX enables its audience to expand their knowledge and educate themselves in the utmost practical manner. The best example of this is the ingenious Interactive Learning & Networking educational hub, where individuals can partake in various fun yet informational activities meant to broaden their knowledge in an engaging and entertaining manner.

  • Case Study Interactive
  • Oxford Style Debate
  • Drill Down Roundtable
  • Creative Boardroom
  • Interactive Workshop
  • Dragons’ Den

Gamblers Connect is thrilled with the opportunity to partner with a brand as dedicated as iGX. It is arguably one of the most innovative event organizers in the industry, an attribute that constantly sees its summits sold out way before they even begin.

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