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Mascot Gaming – one of the most creative iGaming developers who is responsible for one of the biggest innovations in the crash curve genre!

If you are an online casino enthusiast who enjoys playing online slots, then chances are you already know of Mascot Gaming, the latest partner of Gamblers Connect. In fact, Mascot doesn’t need much of an introduction, being that it has already established itself as one of the leading and most creative iGaming developers in the business.

Known for its meticulous approach and ingenuity when it comes to producing high-end casino games, with each new release, Mascot Gaming constantly pushes the boundaries of iGaming. And this is regardless of what type of casino games we are talking about. Whether it is online slots or table games, one thing is always certain with Mascot: you better believe that you are in for something special.

One of the best examples of this way of work is probably the most exciting release of this studio to date, the extraordinarily mesmerizing Paper Lanterns Crash Game. Based on the insanely popular crash genre, Paper Lanterns Crash Game brings a whole new dimension to this popular casino game. Due to a rather unique feature called Free Bets, Paper Lanterns Crash Game is arguably the most engaging crash game that we’ve seen ever since the genre first emerged on the scene.

Being that it is a true blockbuster of a title that all casino enthusiasts should try, Gamblers Connect has already conducted a full review of Paper Lanterns where we go in-depth about what makes this particular game so special. We highly recommend you read the full review, considering that we are talking about a game with a revolutionary feature that is nothing short of brilliant.

Yet, Paper Lanterns is just one of the plethora of mega-popular titles produced by Mascot Gaming. In fact, the games this provider creates are so sought-after by players that you can find a Mascot title in almost every online casino you visit, regardless of the location.

With that being said, some of their most popular titles include hits such as Rocket Chimp Jackpot, Greedy Greenskins Rockways, Wildlife Riches, Fruit Disco Mega Stacks, The Candy Crush, Aloha Tiki Bar, Mayan Riches, Zeus the Thunderbearer, and much, much more!

What makes Mascot Gaming stand out from the sea of iGaming developers is the intricate way of work of the studio, where each game brings something new to the table. You won’t find similar titles or copies of other popular games, being that Mascot truly puts an effort into nurturing a bespoke iGaming entertainment that is both exciting and rewarding. As a result, whatever Mascot slot you encounter and decide to play, you definitely won’t regret it.

Gamblers Connect is thrilled with the opportunity to partner with a leading developer such as Mascot Gaming. It is definitely one of those operators that constantly manage to release hit after hit, and as such, it is our sincere pleasure to recommend them as your go-to game developer.

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