Las Vegas Casinos Won’t Require Wearing Masks For Fully Vaccinated Guests

Vegas is starting to loosen up the restrictions after latest update which allows vaccinated customers not to wear masks at Nevada casinos.

Las Vegas casinos finally won’t mandate wearing masks for fully vaccinated guests. This comes after a decision by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, with a signature by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, on the 3rd of May 2021. The decision to update the current mask law by the CDC is due to the low numbers and the much anticipated collective immunization in the US. Furthermore, The Nevada Gaming Board additionally confirmed this decision and is already reporting mask-less customers at certain Vegas casinos.

The new update, or the Emergency Directive 045, is effective immediately. For that matter we present you with the new guidelines below:

  • The Board neither requires nor prohibits gaming licensees from confirming patron vaccination status. Licensees are encouraged to post signage with the latest CDC mask guidance for vaccinated and unvaccinated guests
  • The Board’s agents will not attempt to confirm vaccination status of patrons. Consequently, unless circumstances change, it is not practical for the Board to attempt to enforce a mask mandate tethered to an individual’s vaccination status
  • Licensees may have mask policies that are more restrictive than the CDC guidance. Staff should consult with their employers regarding workplace Covid-19 safety protocols. To be clear, however, a private employer’s policies regarding Covid-19 safety protocol are not Board policies

The first Vegas casino to capitalize on the latest updates was the Wynn Resort. Moreover, ever since the 13th of May, they are the first Vegas casino not to mandate masks for fully vaccinated guests. Consequently, this applies to all their properties. And this is just the beginning. Already gambling providers such as Caesars, MGM and Boyd Gaming are lining up to do just the same. Especially since all received a green light from The Nevada Gaming Control Board. All in all, we will take any good news from the battle with the COVID-19. And the removal of this restriction is just that. A ray of hope in our path back to normal. We expect everyone to follow this example, and see the people smile again.

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