Jungle Stripes: Betsoft’s New and Improved Version Of The Legendary Starburst

If you like an improved and more rewarding version of Starburst, than you should try Betsoft’s latest: Jungle Stripes

We present you with one of the latest and most sought after slot games by Betsoft in recent times, the brand new Jungle Stripes. The reason for our excitement for this game is quite simple. As gambling enthusiasts and fanatics, we each have our favorite game. However, when it comes to Starburst, we can all agree that it is definitely one of the classics that everyone loves to play from time to time. And here is where Jungle Stripes comes into the picture. Released initially on 17.06.2021, the Jungle Stripes slot had its wide release premiere on 24th of June, 2021. Meaning that you have a brand new product. And that usually means good things on the horizon. Since most of the time new means improved. Consequently, that is definitely noticeable from the very first time you play Jungle Stripes.

Jungle Stripes is a 5 reel and 10 betways which go in both directions. It comes with the same 500x max win such as Starburst, and is using basically the same mechanics. Only Jungle Stripes comes with a lot more than Starburst.

To begin with the higher return to player, or RTP. With a RTP which is 97.3%, it is clear that it already beats Starburst’s 96.09%. What is even more obvious is the beautiful graphics and visuals. More specifically, Betsoft is known as a provider which has top-quality 3D graphics and cinematographic in their slot games. Well, Jungle Stripes is nothing short of a beautiful jungle theme, which comes with quite the unique symbols. As a matter of fact, the soothing green theme which is predominant in Jungle Stripes is definitely an improvement in regard to Starburst.

Yet, the main reason why this slot game beats Starburst easily is the bonus round. More specifically, the unique nature of the bonus round, which can enable a series of free re-spins. Yes, that is right, if you hit the right expanding wild( the tiger symbol) during the bonus round, you will again activate the free spins feature. And this can happen for as long as you hit the tiger symbol.

Consequently, if you take everything into consideration, you are left with a complete slot experience. Should you read the full review of Jungle Stripes, you will find that Betsoft took Netent’s Starburst and did a complete makeover. By improving the hit rate potency and overall generousness of Starburst, Betsoft created a rather interesting and amusing counterpart. Which probably will result in the birth of a fierce rivalry between Betsoft and Netent. And we can only hope for that, since developer competition usually means both higher standard, and more innovations for the players.

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