iGX – iGaming Customer Experience 2024


The eagerly-anticipated first edition of the event that is set to reshape the iGaming scene, iGXiGaming Customer Experience 2024, is nearing the day, and it is going to be nothing short of groundbreaking. Set to take place this Spring, this brand-new forum is custom-made for C-suite, Heads of Digital Marketing, Acquisition, and Retention, an approach that sets it apart from most of its event counterparts.

This dynamic and groundbreaking move by iGX is a testament to the company’s dedication to creating the ultimate platform for CMOs and Heads of the respective sectors, putting the spotlight on decision-makers and upper management.  

A product of extensive research that saw iGX conducting 150+ interviews with vendors and operators, the goal of the first edition of iGX is to provide a cutting-edge environment for industry leaders to exchange ideas on providing top entertainment experiences and practical advice

Educational, informational, and engaging, iGX has already secured a fantastic faculty of more than 60 senior-level speakers who touch upon gripping topics such as operator challenges, ensuring a two-day forum that will be both productive and career-changing.

The Key Agenda Highlights

  • Tailoring iGaming Experiences: Unlock the true potential of player segmentation to craft super-charged personalization in your player acquisition and retention campaigns. Explore strategies for multi-channel customization that allow effective cross-selling and move with the evolving customer. Retain and attract gaming enthusiasts with tailored experiences on all devices.
  • Capture Multi-Generation and Localisation Player Segments: Build an intuitive player strategy that refocuses on proving a meaningful player experience. Learn how to utilize the latest psychographic data, AI, ML, digital tools, and more, while still maintaining retention metrics for even the most varied generational and geographic groups.
  • Harmonise Acquisition, Retention, and Growth: Solve acquisition conundrums to achieve healthy, compliant traffic reaching the right players, penetrating via the most effective channels. Convert free-to-play and new players into long-term players. Raise your retention metrics with an entertainment-first approach. 
  • Responsible Gambling at the Core of Every Role: Stay ahead of the ever-changing country-by-country regulatory landscape, without a compliance team hiring spree. Reach above RG standards in every role and integrate the tools that will meet the ultimate standard – putting consumers and entertainment first, whatever the weather.

iGX – iGaming Customer Experience 2024, a prominent partner of Gamblers Connect, emerges on the iGaming scene as the “new kid on the block”, but with a rather veteran vibe that instantly puts it high on the global gaming calendar along with other leading and highly-awaited events

Through its meticulous approach and by implementing state-of-the-art features, iGX has all of the tools to become the new go-to summit for everything iGaming, including iGaming customer experience, interviews, Q&As, and workshops, and connecting operators with top-tier industry stories, thus offering a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and be distinct in an industry as competitive and as highly-evolving as iGaming.

  • Date: 18-19 April, 2024
  • Location: Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland

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