iGB Affiliate Awards 2024


We are just hours away from what is the most anticipated iGaming event for affiliates in the business, the iGB Affiliate Awards 2024. The iGaming affiliate realm will once again take the spotlight in the beautiful city of London, as iGB Affiliate prepares to celebrate the best-performing affiliate companies over the past twelve months.

A household name known for its unique ability to connect operator affiliate programs and iGaming affiliates, iGB Affiliate is one of those events that resonate in the industry long after is finished.

By enabling the perfect climate for merging two of the most crucial sectors, with its immersive business networking, enriching content, and innovative thought leadership, iGB Affiliate sets the tone for pretty much every affiliate gathering in the iGaming sector throughout the year.

This is possible thanks to its aptitude for fostering relationships that usher innovations and are built on trust, all while orchestrating some of the most creative and technically advanced events not just in the iGaming affiliate realm, but the industry in general.

Consequently, this level of dedication, as well as its reputation as an even-organizer of the highest order, make the iGB Affiliate Awards arguably the ultimate recognition that an affiliate company can win over the course of one year.

With this in mind, we are absolutely elated to inform you that Gamblers Connect has earned its spot among the best of the best as we were nominated for the “Safer Gambling Initiative of The Year” award at the upcoming iGB Affiliate Awards 2024.

This honour only reflects the Gamblers Connect way of work, where we put special emphasis on what we consider matters the most in the iGaming world, and that is player safety and responsible gambling, two crucial aspects that are quintessential for a prosperous and transparent iGaming industry.

Regardless of whether you are part of the affiliate sector or not, attending the iGB Affiliate Awards is always a spectacle. Especially since iGB Affiliate will transform this year’s event into a night of futuristic fantasy by combining the worlds of cyberpunk and fairytale, promising nothing short of an unforgettable experience.

  • Date: 8 February 2024
  • Location: The Troxy, London

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