How To Pick A Great Online Slot Game

Pick the best online slots

How To Pick The Best Slot Games To Play

Online slots are appealing to newcomers. Because of their simplicity and lack of specific skill requirements, they are a popular choice for not just those getting started in casino gambling but also experts. Both old and new casinos like those you would find at include a myriad of the best slot games for players to choose from, and they can greatly help you find the best games to play.

Picking the ideal game amid the sea of available slots holds significant weight. This guide is designed to furnish you with a strategy, aiding in the selection of the most fitting slot games tailored to your preferences.

Choose the Right Casino

As basic as this sounds, choosing the right casino is the first step in picking great slot games. Each casino operates differently and some have fewer slot game options and do not follow industry standards on fair gameplay. Check casino reviews to see reviews and understand their reputation and trustworthiness.

Pick a High RTP game

The Return to Player (RTP) % is the average return that players may expect from their slot game victories. A high RTP often exceeds 97%, a moderate RTP is between 95% and 96%, and a low RTP is less than 94%.

A greater RTP typically suggests a better likelihood of winning, whereas a lower RTP indicates a lesser possibility. In a game with an RTP of 94%, players might expect approximately $94 returned for every $100 wagered. Top-tier slot games often maintain an RTP of 95% or higher, with some going beyond this threshold based on unique game features.

Pick Slots With Low Volatility

Slot volatility refers to the sequence and size of the payout received in a slot game, and is a crucial factor to consider in game selection. Similar to RTP, there are low medium, and high volatility slots.

Low volatility slots indeed provide frequent but smaller wins, reducing the risk of quickly draining your bankroll. They’re ideal if you prefer steady and consistent payouts over the chance of larger but less frequent wins. Although they occur less frequently, high-volatility slots tend to provide greater jackpots.

Medium volatility slots strike a balance between extremes, offering substantial wins while maintaining a more frequent payout rate. This equilibrium results in a meaningful and enjoyable gaming experience for players, combining noteworthy winnings with a reasonable payout frequency.

The smart strategy is to look for a slot game that combines a high RTP and low volatility. This combination will result in frequent small wins and is a perfect balance to ensure you get a maximum gaming experience. If you are chasing the thrill of a big win, you can go for jackpots and bonus rounds.


Confirm the Game’s Paylines

Various slot games feature distinct paylines, which refer to specific patterns of slot symbols aligned on reels. When these symbols form a particular pattern on your reels, they create winning combinations. Before selecting a game, players should understand how many paylines are available and how they work.

Pick One With The Best Slot Features

Knowing slot features is another aspect of understanding how online slots work and winning in the games you choose. Casinos differ in the features they offer but there are some features available in almost every casino.


Wilds stand as one of the most commonly employed features in slots. They serve to substitute other symbols, typically aligned with the game’s theme, providing players with the opportunity to form winning combinations.

Additional game variations incorporate wild card features that emerge specifically during bonus rounds, such as spreading wilds and sticky wilds. Moreover, there are diverse iterations like jumping wilds, multiplier wilds, and walking wilds, each offering unique gameplay experiences.


In slots, the Autoplay option is particularly designed to keep the reels spinning without any human interaction. Players may sit back and wait for a win by just hitting the autoplay button. Most casinos allow you to configure the autoplay function to run for a specific number of games. Players may also configure it to cease after a certain number of games are played or money has been won/lost.


Multipliers multiply a player’s earnings by a predetermined factor. For example, if a player wagered $5 and wins on a spin, and the game has a 2x multiplier, the player instantly gains $10 since the multiplier effect amplifies the initial victory.


It’s rare for a slot game to lack scatters. Scatters in slot games trigger bonuses or mini-games. Scatters don’t have to follow a pay line and can be spun in any direction depending on the game. Each game usually mentions how many scatter symbols are needed to trigger the bonus or mini-game.

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Slots

Most if not all slot players look for slots that have a jackpot. This is because they offer a player the chance to win a significant amount of money. There are different types of jackpots but the most popular ones without doubt are progressive jackpots.

The grand prize is pooled from different players who play a specific slot game. In other words, the jackpot amount in a game grows until a player wins the game. Then the amount is reset and the process repeats itself.

Certain progressive slots are limited to specific jurisdictions, restricting eligibility for winning to players within that particular region. This can create localized jackpot opportunities, allowing players from that jurisdiction alone to partake in and potentially claim the winnings.


Utilizing a casino’s free offerings can notably elevate your success potential for winning at slots. Bonuses like free spins can enhance your gameplay by providing additional opportunities to win without extra costs.

Free spins are a pivotal bonus feature, granting players specific rounds without deductions from their balance. Both scatter and wild symbols can trigger these valuable free spin rounds during gameplay. Therefore, it is important to look for slot games that include free spins as bonuses.

Tournaments & Prize Draws

Different casinos offer tournaments and prize draws for certain slot games. These tailored events can be ongoing or only accessible at a specific time of the day. The more they play the game the more players garner points and eventually, winners are announced. There are usually prices for the top winners. Though players can sometimes win cash, often free spins are the prize.


Practicing all the tips above without understanding the mechanics of slot games will not help you win. Because of their basic nature, it is easy to use a plug-and-play attitude with slots. However, knowing symbols, graphics, features, and slot cheats is a step in the right direction, and consequently you learning how to find the best slot games to play.

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