GR8 Celebrates Two Milestones: First Anniversary In B2B & “CEO of The Year” Award For Evgen Belousov


GR8 Tech has plenty of reasons to celebrate, as this iGaming giant is celebrating two major milestones – its first anniversary as a leading B2B company, and the esteemed “CEO of The Year” award at the prestigious European CEO Awards 2024 for Evgen Belousov for outstanding leadership!

This recognition further supports the claim that GR8 Tech has grown into a leading brand in just one year. Moreover, it shows that Evegen’s professional resume and ability to lead the company during the first and most crucial year for any business is perfectly mirrored in GR8’s historic achievements.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at the numbers behind the success of GR8 Tech in its first year, and what fields the company excelled in:

  • Expanding Clientele: 4 new clients
  • Platform Growth: 25 new brands launched on GR8 Tech’s platform with an impressive 99.96% uptime
  • Processing Volume: GR8 Sportsbook recorded a whopping 263.76 million bets from 1.98 million unique players, while GR8 Casino rolled 20.1 billion spins from 3.3 million users
  • Scalability: 5106 releases across an array of system components
  • Proactive Problem-Solving: 82.5% of the 3,8k incidents were timely detected and prevented before they impacted customers, with only 2% classified as critical, emphasizing the reliability of the platform
  • Leadership Expansion: GR8 Tech hired 10 C- and V-level leaders, including Account Management Director Janeta Glavan and Head of Casino Sergey Ghazaryan

Moreover, GR8 Tech has also established itself as a brand with a rather strong portfolio, and this includes a set of products and solutions in the likes of GR8 Sportsbook and Casino platform, GR8 Feed, and much more. Additionally, GR8 Tech secured two certifications, PCI DSS v 4.0 and ISO 27001:2022, further highlighting its commitment to its respective vertical.

Consequently, GR8 Tech’s impeccable reputation, all-around functionality, and distinctive earning capabilities led to the company and its products being shortlisted for a list of prestigious awards, including the SiGMA Awards, SBC Awards, and the Global Gaming Awards where they are currently nominated for “Breakthrough Company of The Year”.

One of the main reasons for the massive success of GR8 Tech, and why the company celebrates these two historic milesones is their outstanding presence regardless of the continent. Namely, GR8 Tech has already been a part of ICE London, SBC Summit Barcelona, and SiGMA Europe.

Even more significant is the fact that their CEO was also a key figure for several of these events including ICE London, SBC Summit Barcelona, and SiGMA Europe, thus positioning GR8 Tech as a thought leader among its peers. Evgen Belousov is also part of a group of 50 industry-leading executives as a part of GGA’s judging panel, playing a key role in choosing the best-performing brands in the industry.

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