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Gamblers Connect proudly announces our latest collaboration with Casino

Gamblers Connect is always eager to announce the news of any successful cooperation. For that matter, nothing is more exciting than forging new partnerships, which are essential in order for us to do our job and thus grow. Such is the case with our latest partner. And the sooner you visit casino, the better you see what we are talking about. Gamblers Connect and are a perfect match right from the start.

Especially since our work ethic and professional approach are pretty much the same. Moreover, you may have heard at some point about Buff88. Well, in 2018 the company rebranded, and now it is operating as And believe us that rebranding really did the job.

The new, and definitely improved casino is packing every feature a modern casino should have. From the rich sportsbook and eSports offer, to the crazy +2000 slot games casino library. Not to mention the dozens of jackpot slots, and the Mystery jackpot feature. One of the unique features of this casino, this jackpot can hit anywhere, anytime. The only requirement? Place any type of bet, and you are eligible.

Furthermore, is utilizing another unique feature. That is the option to live stream your e-bets. This feature is only available for eSports, but it is definitely a huge thing if you are used to basic casinos. It enables you to monitor your bet, while you do the rest of your gaming.

Another major benefit is their awarded customer service. Specifically, they currently hold a Seal of Excellence, issued by the independent Gamblescope. Regardless of the details, it is always a plus when the customer support team is recognized for its service. It definitely puts our minds at ease.

Oh, did we mention that also uses cryptocurrencies? Yes, if you are a crypto buff such as ourselves then you can use crypto to do your business at as well. Consequently, whatever you decide to do at this casino, you are in for a good time. Especially if you take a look at their welcome bonuses. Which we have to say are plentiful. To be exact, there are 4 different first deposit bonuses you can choose from. Pretty awesome, right?

Gamblers Connect is always aiming for the top, regardless of what it takes to get there. Whether it is our casino reviews, games, customers or new partnerships. We simply don’t settle until we find the best option for you. And that is the case with today. This amazing casino is yet to leave its mark.

Although operating since 2018, the features and the experience of its management team are what make this casino surpass all of its peers. Moreover, the unique and innovative approach is only a guarantee about the direction this online casino is heading. That is why Gamblers Connect and complement each other perfectly.

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