EGR North America Awards 2023 – New York City

egr America awards 2023

We are excited to announce one of the most prestigious iGaming award ceremonies on the North American continent, the upcoming EGR North America Awards 2023! Referred to as the “premier gaming awards for companies” in the region, the EGR North America Awards 2023 will once again gather the leading companies from the continent under one roof.

More specifically, the event will take place at the beautiful Midtown Loft & Terrace in what is known as the “Big Apple”, or the amazing city of New York. What makes the EGR Awards so special is the fact that they are considered the most elite iGaming award ceremony in North America.

Whether it is a groundbreaking innovation, the best customer service, commercial success, or unparalleled marketing prowess, the EGR awards are all about recognizing excellence among both operators and service providers alike.

In order to ensure that the awards end up in the right hands, EGR will judge all categories based on the results of the companies from February 2022 to January 2023. Moreover, EGR selects a brand new judging panel each year in order to guarantee a diverse range of iGaming expertise. 

This, paired with the fact that the judges are anonymous and revealed only after the judging process is complete, and the fact that they are selected according to their specific knowledge of the market, means that the entire process of choosing the winners is 100% transparent and unbiased.

Furthermore, all of the categories at the EGR North America Awards 2023 have been created through a meticulous research procedure in order to ensure that they are on par with the lightning-fast pace of the iGaming sector. Consequently, each of the categories comes with its own set of specific judging criteria so that all participating companies can show why they deserve to be the winner.

With that being said, there are a total of 4 main award categories, and each comes with its own sub-categories.

  • Affiliate Category – 1 sub-category
  • General Categories – 5 sub-categories
  • Operator Categories – 8 sub-categories
  • Service Categories – 13 sub-categories

In addition to the unique opportunity to be a part of the EGR North America Awards 2023, guests will also have the chance to participate in the EGR North America Spring Briefing 2023.

Needless to state the obvious, the Spring Briefing will gather the top senior executives of the iGaming sector in order to discuss opportunities in the expanding North American online gambling scene, as well as give them a chance to conduct high-level conversations that will further bring them together and give them a deeper understanding of the industry.

This is why we are delighted to invite anyone from the iGaming sector that is going to be in New York on the 27th of April to make an effort and be a part of this amazing annual event. It is one of the very few opportunities to meet fellow peers, friends, and colleagues from the North American iGaming scene under a single roof, which is definitely why the EGR North America Awards 2023 are considered one of the top iGaming events on the continent. 

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