MuchBetter’s Latest Promotion Rewards Your Loyalty And Gives You The Chance To Earn Cash

The latest loyalty promotion by MuchBetter lets you earn simply by using its services. Just top up your account and you win cash rewards!

muchbetter loyalty promotion

MuchBetter, a leading payment provider and one of the most frequently used banking methods in online casinos around the world, has started an ingenious promotion that is all about rewarding loyalty. More specifically, the latest promotion by MuchBetter lets you earn simply by using its services. Easy as that. And since the MuchBetter wallet is available to use in 17 different languages, claiming this promotion is both convenient and user-friendly.

Participating in this promotion is literally a piece of cake. All you need is to follow the three easy steps and you are instantly eligible to claim coins, and more importantly, win cash rewards. With that being said, the MuchBetter promotion can be broken down into three steps and works as follows:

  • Step 1:  for every top of 10 in your currency you will earn 1 MB Coin
  • Step 2:  every time you reach 100 MB Coins or more you can convert your MB Coins to cash
  • Step 3: the more MB Coins you manage to save, the more cash you can get

As you can see, MuchBetter has specifically made this loyalty promotion as easy to claim as possible. Not only you are not required to do anything extra in order to be eligible, but you also get to earn cash rewards even by making the smallest deposit possible. 

Just top up your MuchBetter wallet with at least 10 of your preferred currency and you can win 1 MB Coins. Top up with €20 and you get 2 MB Coins, €30 will get you 3 MB Coins, and so on.

You can convert your MB Coins to real cash as soon as you reach 100 MB Coins. More specifically, 100 MB Coins will be converted to 1 MB in the wallet of your designated currency. For example, 1000 MB Coins would convert to €10.

Now, the best thing about the ingenious promotion by MuchBetter is that you can even enhance the number of MB Coins! All you need to do is look out for the MuchBetter multiplier during promotions, and you can unlock a multiplier that allows you to multiply the number of MB Coins you earn. Only be aware as this multiplier is with limited availability, meaning that time is of the essence.

With that being said, this promotion is truly a chance you simply cannot afford to miss. MuchBetter is optimized for both iOS and Android, meaning that you won’t have trouble claiming this promotion regardless of the operating system you are using. 

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