Dutch KSA Slaps GoldWin Limited And MKC Limited With Heavy Fines For Illegal Gambling Activities

dutch ksa fines operators

In an important move to maintain the integrity of its regulated gambling scene, the Dutch gaming regulator, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has taken dire action against two major operators for engaging in illegal gambling practices and issued them with whopping fines, GoldWin Limited and MKC Limited. The massive fines are meant to serve as an example to any operators who attempt to operate in the Netherlands without a valid license.

GoldWin Limited: The operator behind Westcasino.com, has been issued a staggering fine of €6.7 million (£5.86 million). The massive penalty represents seven percent of the company’s yearly estimated turnover, consequently, sending a direct message that no illegal activities won’t be tolerated in the Dutch gambling market.

MKC Limited: MKC Limited, the operator that owns betworld247.com, was slapped with a somewhat smaller fine of €900,000 (£787,300). This action only highlights the resolve of the KSA to completely eradicate any illegal activities within the Dutch borders.

GoldWin and MKC both had one thing in common – they were offering gambling services in the Netherlands without the required licenses. Due to this, their actions were in direct violation of the Dutch Betting and Gaming Act, which in turn is determined by the KSA.

What is even more concerning is that a thorough investigation into GoldWin revealed that their website, Westcasino.com, received traffic of 850,000 visits from Dutch players in 2022. GoldWin had no preventive mechanisms to prevent illegal iGaming activity, which is in clear violation of the Dutch gambling law. This is why the KSA did not hold back in any way whatsoever when announcing the colossal fine, which further emphasizes the gravity of the violation.

Similar to GoldWin, MKC Limited was also found to violate the Dutch 2021 KOA Gambling Act. Similar to its counterpart, MKC failed to implement any preventive measures to block illegal gambling activity on its platform. In addition to this, the Chairman of the KSA, René Jansen, pointed out another alarming issue with the practices of MKC. Dutch players could enter and use their website without providing any identification, which consequently makes it easily accessible to vulnerable and underage players.

This no regard for player safety was also taken into consideration when issuing the fine.

The strict actions by the KSA against both GoldWin and MKC only reflect the uncompromising commitment of the Dutch authorities toward maintaining a safe and regulated Dutch gambling environment. Moreover, these huge fines highlight the government’s stance on illegal gambling operators who neglect the law, and more importantly, the safety of the Dutch players.

While the Dutch iGaming market does flourish ever since it was officially regulated back in October 2021, having 27 accredited license holders, this growth, however, has also been accompanied by a scrupolous crackdown and fines by the KSA on any gambling operators that are involved in illegal gambling activities.

Consequently, the penalties imposed on GoldWin Limited and MKC Limited by the KSA only serve to send a clear message to the entire gambling industry in the country. And that message is that the Dutch government is unforgiving in their commitment to maintaining the integrity of their regulated market, and more importantly, when it comes to safeguarding the interests of their players, especially minors and vulnerable individuals.

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