Dutch Police and KSA Shut Down 3 Black Market Casinos

KSA latest raid sends warning to all black market gambling operators.

It seems like the Dutch gambling regulator really lives up to its reputation. The latest news from the Netherlands is about the joint operation of the KSA and the Dutch police to shut down three illegal online casinos. Moreover, this action took place in the city of Venlo, with all three casinos operating from this city. This raid by the KSA is just the latest in recent times, after the two similar, and successful operations. More specifically one in Spain, and the other in the Dutch city of Velsen.

Furthermore, these illegal casinos were operating from the same premise. More specifically, the Dutch police raided a cafe, along with the adjoining house from which the cafe was operating. The Dutch police arrested 22 suspects on the spot, along with several other items. Out of these twenty-two, two individuals were charged for money laundering. Concerning the confiscated items the police found 19 illegal slots, €12.000, as well as seizing one Rolex watch. One of the illegal slots when later examined showed a monthly revenue in the amount of €100.000.

The mayor of Venlo, Antoin Scholten praises this action by the police, adding that every single illegal operator is a target. Here is his official statement.

Tackling illegal gambling is important to Venlo. With this we protect our young people, we give criminals no chance of money laundering and we stop breeding grounds for possible drug trafficking. Moreover, these criminal activities cause a lot of unrest and nuisance in the area. We will continue to take action against that.

Antoin Scholten – Mayor of Venlo

The latest raid by the KSA and the Dutch police which saw these illegal casinos shut down, is a good example of how easy it is for black market casinos to swindle customers. It can be quite difficult to know the difference between a legitimate and a black market casino. Especially since illegal casinos go the extra length to make sure to look as safe as possible on the surface.

Yet, sadly, many people learn that lesson the hard way. That is why Gamblers Connect salutes these types of operations. That is why it is our duty to provide you with only licensed and verified casinos. Safety and security should always be a number one priority when it comes to the player.

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