Dutch KSA Fines Betchan For Illegal Gambling Activities

The Dutch gambling regulator once again lives up to its reputation as one of the harshest in the business, with shutting down 3 illegal gambling providers.

The Dutch gambling regulator, the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), fines Malta-based gambling operator Betchan for involvement in illegal gambling activities. More specifically, this KSA sanction is due to Betchan providing illegal online gambling services to Dutch players through their Betchan website. As a result, the Kansspelautoriteit issued a 500.000 fine for Betchan’s owners, N1 Interactive Ltd.

If you consider the new Remote Gambling Act that the Netherlands put into effect in April then this is definitely in violation of Dutch laws. Especially since with the new act, there will be a select group of 40 licensees that will have the privilege to obtain a Dutch gambling license. And that is for both online casinos and online sportsbooks. Moreover, the official start of the Dutch online gambling season is in October 2021. Consequently, that is what brought Betchan down. Even more so if you consider that this Malta operator is not one of the select few set to provide services in October.

Moreover, what is unique about this case is that the KSA raised the initial fine set for Betchan. The reason for that is Betchan not asking for any verification whatsoever, thus enabling potential minors into gambling. Additionally, players were subject to paying additional fees for inactivity as well. This is another strong argument by the KSA, and it also serves as part of the overall deliberation process.

KSA officials are adamant that the players’ safety and transparency are, and always will be a top priority:

All conditions are aimed at ensuring that there will soon be a safe legal offer, whereby players are assured of a fair game and are protected against gambling addiction. This includes a strict approach to illegal supply, now and after 1 October,

René Jansen – Chairman of KSA

However, this is not the only action that KSA took against illegal gambling providers. Specifically, the Dutch regulator also had to close down two lotteries, operating illegally via social networks. Both Instagram and Facebook are the main platforms for offering their lottery services. And this is at large in violation of the Facebook Gambling Regulatory Channel, and the Dutch laws, above all. Consequently, the Dutch regulator reported the illegal lotteries to Facebook, and the two providers were eventually shut down. For those who wish to know, the names of these illegal providers are VIP Lottery and Winnacttiee.

Naturally, the KSA condones any such unprofessional and criminal behaviour. For that matter, it is highly likely that these two illegal lotteries will pretty much suffer the same fate as Betchan. With the KSA announcing huge fines for anyone involved:

The KSA acts against these type of lotteries because there is no supervision possible. After all, the providers are not licensed. The KSA ensures that participants in games of chance can do so safely.

Official KSA Statement

This just proves that the Kansspelautoriteit definitely lives up to its reputation as one of the best gambling regulators in Europe. Hence news like the ‘KSA fines Betchan’ should only serve as a reminder for all other illegal gambling providers who wish to mess with the Dutch regulator. It simply won’t work.

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