Day and Night Is A Captivating Online Slot With An Even More Captivating Battle Feature Between Two Egyptian Gods

Day and Night will first blow you away with its amazing visuals, only to then completely draw you in the middle of an epic battle between two Egyptian gods.


We can easily proclaim Day and Night as probably one of the best Egyptian-themed online slots ever produced, and certainly one of the best slot releases by the notorious iGaming developer TrueLab Games. And this is noticeable just by looking at the promo material of this slot, not to mention the incredible gameplay.

Speaking of which, once you sit down and start playing Day and Night, you will immediately be drawn into an epic battle between two Egyptian deities, the flaming sun god Amun Ra, and the furious cat-goddess Bastet. From here, it is quite clear that Ra represents the day, while Bastet is on the side of the night, and the entire premise is the battle of these two, i.e. who will take over the opponent’s reels.

Not only does this battle feature is promises some of the most exciting mechanics that you can encounter in an online slot, but TrueLab really capitalized on such a captivating theme and created a slot with some amazing visuals and beautiful graphics. And to make sure that you be even more engaged, it picked two deities that perfectly represent the duality of our world, or in this case, the day and the night.

From here, it is easily noticeable that everything in this game revolves around the battle between the two gods, and that is the case with the free spins as well. Meaning that you get a set of two different free spins types, the day free spins by Ra, and naturally, the night free spins by Bastet. And to make things even more interesting, TrueLab created each set of free spins with different features and rewards.

So, needless to say, the best way to experience the Day and Night online slot is to enter the battle of the gods and experience first-hand one of the most engaging online slots by TrueLab ever. We guarantee that this slot won’t leave you indifferent and that pretty soon you will be taking sides and choosing your own favourite among the gods as the winner. Good luck!

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